5 Tips You can Follow to Make Your Website More Social

5 Tips You can Follow to Make Your Website More Social
5 Tips You can Follow to Make Your Website More Social - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
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5 Tips You can Follow to Make Your Website More Social5.00 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

The Web and the use of mobile applications have eased communication, globally. If you want to succeed in online business today, you need to reach and connect with your socially connected customers and your targeted audience using social media networking. This is an era of social media and you should align your business objectives with the needs of your fans, followers and the online community because they influence each other on decision-making, using social media networking sites.

A website which is socially optimized attracts a larger flow of traffic than the one that is not. There are more interactions between friends, fans and the online community. Site visitors market the website across the social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and this can lead to sales and generation of revenue.

The advancement in technology has changed marketing strategies and people are communicating more using the social media than ever before. Customers can communicate with you and with their friends on their social channels.

Social signals

Google has been using social signals highly among other factors to index and rank websites. Online friends’ and community input has surpassed traditional marketing messages that were used in the past. Add social buttons on your website so visitors can recommend the site to their friends and followers. The social ‘shares’ and links, found on social networking sites are used by Google in their ranking results and this will help you gain points.

Quality content is vital

The quality of content on your site determines whether your website will be social or not. You must motivate your audience to interact with you and others by using inspiring words. You should consider adding interactive content that encourages conversations and sharing, on your website. Whether the content is in the form of articles, photos, images or other types, make it high-quality. The content should be informative and useful to readers and also interesting to make them want to share it.

Encourage social activity

You can encourage visitors to your site to engage and interact with each other and also send feedback. Encourage your fans and followers to share with other users by leaving a comment on their social media profiles or sharing in the conversations. You can be able to do this effectively by choosing words which will excite them. These are words which evoke their emotions. If they become emotionally attached to your site they will feel comfortable to share their experiences with other users.

Customer feedback

Pay close attention to what customers say to you and to each other. Find out about customer expectations by asking them what they would like you to offer them next. You can also ask them to vote on a product you wish to sell to them or a feature you plan to introduce. This way, it will be easy for you to know what they expect and try to meet these expectations.
You will have loyal customers who will repeat business with you, if you actively seek their feedback. Customer satisfaction leads to customer retention and loyalty which can only happen if you know what they require. Assess all feedback whether it is positive or negative and use it to make adjustments and improve.


Success is achieved through a strategic plan of testing what works best and making the necessary adjustments. If you are to succeed you will need to understand how people interact on the site and then use the language that will engage your target audience. Sign-up for Google Analytics to help you track customer interactions on the social media and understand how you can engage them more.
Social optimization is vital in any online social activity of the public. You should test and adopt social strategies that will attract more fans on your site otherwise your competitors will win them over. If you do not connect with fans you will easily lose them.

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