How You Can Recruit a Great Programmer as Your Partner

How You Can Recruit a Great Programmer as Your Partner
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There are people who have great ideas and a passion for programming but may not have the expertise to bring their dreams to accomplishment. If you are one of those people, you can recruit a software developer who is talented and committed to his or her work, to work as your partner. Sharing equity is a great motivator so you should recruit top talent that will make a difference and help your business grow.

Software engineers in U.S. are paid high salaries which are competitive. This is due to the fact that employers like Google hire software engineers at very competitive rates which are hard to beat. But this does not mean you cannot get a programmer who will charge you reasonable rates.

You can recruit a talented programmer as your partner or co-founder by doing the following-:


A programmer can be a great asset to the company and a salary alone may not be the only incentive. Many programmers are interested in an environment where they can be creative and they are also keen to see many people using the software they have developed.

There are great software engineers who are passionate about what they do but you have to know how to get them to work for you. The programmer must have similar interests with the entrepreneur to help the business grow. Start by checking sites like LinkedIn for contacts of professionals. Browse the profiles for past experience so you can know if that is what you are looking for. You can also network with technicians by attending industry related events. Conduct interviews or ask a tech expert you trust to do it on your behalf.


Assess the tech know-how by asking the software developer to write original programs from scratch. You can gauge the work to see if that is what you require before considering partnership deals. Find out if the technologist can put your ideas to practice and check his/her creativity, accuracy, speed and how good you can work together as a team. Ask a tech expert you can trust to advice you and give recommendations.


The best software developers, who have the necessary experience, are currently in great demand. Hiring a software developer as your employee may not be an easy task and that is why some people choose to outsource the work or share equity.

You can start by offering the programmer a part-time job. After working for some time you can recruit him to work on a full-time basis. If you want to tap real talent, you need to offer equity to the programmer, so he can know that you value him. This will make him stick with you and help in decision making and implementation, when you make him your partner. He will be part of the company and will contribute towards the growth of the business.
There are many opportunities offered to high-quality developers with top talent, by both established companies and start-ups so sharing equity would be quite attractive.

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