How Your Brand can Stand Out Among Bigger Brands on Google

How Your Brand can Stand Out Among Bigger Brands on Google
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Big brands are easily identified on Google. Fortunately, small businesses can also stand out when they develop strong brands and improve their search engine optimization SEO. Customers are looking for solutions when they search the internet. If your brand offers them valuable solutions, they will follow you and buy or subscribe from you.

Google rewards high-content which users find useful and informative. This is content that is valuable whether it originates from big or small brands. When you develop a strong brand your company will stand out regardless of its size. Websites which are well-branded benefit from Google natural rankings.

Visual branding

You can develop a strong brand regardless of the size of your company site. When you adopt your own brand identity, it will help with search engine optimization and lead to business success.

People engage more with website brands which they know and trust, than with those they don’t. They are usually reluctant to reveal their financial and personal information to unknown brands. But, when they recognize the brand and gain its trust however small, they feel more secure. You can develop a recognizable visual brand and stay strong despite the competition, so you can win the trust of your targeted customers. This in turn makes them more at ease to do business with you and you can easily convert them to buyers or subscribers than a non-branded company.

To stand out among other brands you can adopt the following-:

• Create an attractive logo which customers can easily recognize
• Use the same color scheme consistently on your website, logo, business properties, stationery etc.
• Use taglines, promotional messages and slogans consistently
• Create high-quality authoritative content which readers find useful
• Offer solutions in your content
• Use branded keywords in search engine optimization but don’t over-use them

However small your business may be, you can adopt the above branding techniques and gain popularity that surpasses that of bigger brands. This can gain you points on search engine rankings, and create links which lead to sales and revenue. Before long your small business becomes a success.

Mimic bigger brands

Find out what bigger brands are doing and do the same. Use the same branding formats that are on your website in email newsletters and on many places as possible. If your brand signals become persuasive, you will get noticed and strengthen your online presence. Customers will start engaging with you and as they gain trust, they will repeat business with you.

Google will continue to release algorithm updates in the future but well-branded websites will continue to be rewarded. If you want to survive the updates, you should adopt these techniques to avoid being penalized by search engines.

Strengthen your online presence

There are ways you can make your brand gain web presence among bigger brands.

Social signals are important in both Google rankings and in increasing the flow of traffic to your website. Today, people communicate differently from the way they used to. Their decisions are influenced by their friends and others on social media networking sites.

If you develop a strong brand, you can convert your targeted audience to subscribers and buyers. They will also share the information with their friends and the online community on the social media and send you referrals while spreading word around through word of mouth. These will gain you points on search engine rankings and create links which earn you revenue.

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