What Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates Mean for SEO Future

What Google’s Panda and Penguin Updates Mean for SEO Future
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Google uses algorithms to detect anything that is unnatural. The latest Google search algorithm changes may affect your website rankings if you do not do anything about it.

Panda updates penalized the websites that had low-quality or duplicate content while Penguin updates penalize overly optimized websites. This affects search engine rankings and to get a rise you need to take care of certain things because if you don’t, your website’s ranking can go down or it can be dropped altogether.

Quality Content

High-quality content aimed at readers is rewarded by being ranked on top of Google SERP rankings. People are looking for relevant information which will help them get what they want. Content has overtaken keyword optimization and link-building in its importance and webmasters should note this.

Although your site may not have been negatively affected by Panda and Penguin updates so far, it is not a guarantee that it will not be affected in the future. To be on the safe side, ensure that the content in your website is of the highest quality. You should create content for readers but not for search engine rankings if you want to survive online for long. Avoid duplicate and low-quality content. Include quality content that is not only useful to users but also interesting, to make them want to share it with others.

Website content whether it is in article form, images or blog posts, is key to your SEO success. Quality content will continue to rise in importance in the future, among other variables. Google has warned that it will get rid of low ranked sites and manipulated rankings.

Many websites are plagued with copy-and-paste or low-quality content which affect their rankings adversely.


SEO is an element of success in online business but manipulating the natural SERP to boost rankings is detrimental. Google will continue to penalize manipulation by frequently changing algorithm updates as it deems necessary, so it can offer users high-quality rankings which are meaningful. If you want your website to be accurately indexed and ranked by the search engines avoid any over-optimization or intentional manipulation, it will only work against you.
Avoid using too many keywords on your website to get high ranking. This way, you may be placed on top but not for long.

Focus your attention on-:

• Quality content
• Visitor engagements and interactions
• Backlink profiles
• Meaningful SEO techniques

Flow of traffic and engagement

The way visitors interact on a website, determine its success. Google recognizes websites which have visitor engagements. In future, such websites will reap greatly from algorithm updates which will affect their rankings positively.

Although it may not be easy for webmasters to determine which algorithms Google uses while tracking visitor engagements, there are certain metrics which you can use to your advantage. These include-:

• Social media networking
• Customer reviews
• User comments

Diversify traffic sources

You need to diversify your traffic from many sources so if one class of visitors is affected by the updates the flow of traffic is not disrupted significantly. You can source traffic from search engines, referrals, social media networking sites etc.

Develop an online community to share meaningful links with.

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