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Reseller Hosting

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Individuals and small businesses are earning money from Reseller Hosting. This type of business requires minimal investment because you do not need to buy a web server or to develop the technology as the parent company provides all the technical support needed.

What is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is reselling web hosting services to others. This is an easy way of earning money from the hosting market. The resellers buy web server space in bulk from the parent hosting company and partition it to resell to clients at a profit. The parent company supplies the technical support, so the reseller account holder does not need to have technical expertise for the basic plans. This is the easiest way to start a web hosting company by purchasing server capacity at wholesale prices and reselling to customers.

Both the parent company and the reseller benefit from this arrangement. The parent company is able to reach customers through resellers while resellers make money from an affordable internet business. Many businesses which start as resellers grow to be large web hosting companies.

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The Most Popular Reseller Hosting Methods

Reseller hosting has many options and you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Commission sales: This is an affiliate program where you as the reseller sign-up as an affiliate, for free then you direct the customers you get to the web hosting company link. There is a tracking code which tracks the sales. When from your referral a sale is made to the customer you had linked to the hosting company, you are paid a commission from the sale proceeds. The parent company provides support to these customers and this leaves you with enough time to look for potential customers.

Volume discount: You can purchase reseller hosting at a discount depending on the volume you buy and then resell the hosting packages to your customers at a profit. This is a popular method because all you have to do is to open a reseller account, pay the monthly fee and resell the hosting packages from your website and earn income. This method gives you more control over your business and it is quite flexible.

Branding: This a popular method whereby you resell the hosting plans under your own brand. This is a great way of marketing without your customers knowing that you are not a web hosting company but a reseller. This method is the most profitable although you will have more responsibilities to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Role of Reseller

To succeed in the Reseller hosting business you need to provide your customers with technical support as well as customer service to ensure their websites run smoothly. You must have effective communication with the parent company as well as your clients so any issues that arise can be resolved promptly to the satisfaction of your customers. The web host has to provide secure, reliable and stable hosting services at all times otherwise you will lose your customers to your competitors.