Omnis Network Reviews

Omnis Network Reviews
(25 Reviews, 4.20 out of 5 Stars)
Omnis Network Reviews4.20 out of 50 based on 25 voters.

Omnis Network is a hosting service provider and a domain registrar which has registered over 400,000 domains. Today, Omnis is one of the companies that provide Cloud Web hosting allocating resources according to the demand of the user. The company provides a one-plan-fits-all packages one plan for Linux Hosting and one plan for Windows Hosting. Although Omnis does not provide introductory discounts, their features are quite attractive and sufficient for small and medium-sized business requirements.

Omnis Network Reviews

Main Features

• Free Domain Name
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Disk Space
• Unlimited MySQL Databases
• Linux Hosting $5.95
• Windows Hosting $7.95
• FTP Access
• Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Domains and Sub-Domains
• 24/7 U.S-based Support
• 30 day Money Back Guarantee (with no hidden charges)

Editors/experts rate Omnis Network highly.


Omnis provides SSL Secure Sockets Layer Certificates and Dedicated IP at extra fees. The 30 money back guarantee is available but customers should be aware that before they get their money any fee which is due from the account is deducted from the refund. The $100 free Adwords and Yahoo credits are an advantage to those starting out.


Omnis is a reliable web host that promises 99.9% uptime and this has been proved to be true. The servers are reliable working at optimal levels.
The only problem that may arise is with daily back-ups of data which are not available. When clients lose their data there are no updated back-ups and the client may need to update the files on his own. This can be stressful especially if a lot of data is lost. Although they save the system back-ups of their customers’ data, Omnis charges a fee of $100 to retrieve the files which may not go well with users.


The speed of the servers is impressive. They are fast and efficient having Tier 1 fiber optic connections.


The client has to pay additional fee if SSL certificate or dedicated hosting is required. This makes their price a bit on the higher side compared to similar web hosts pricing but it is worth the superior service.


The whole technical support team is based in California. This is a team of well-trained service professionals who have a track record of experience in this field. They are client-focused and fluent English-speakers so there is no language barrier. The response time on the chat and email is excellent and hold times on phone calls is minimal.

Omnis Control Panel

Omnis have their own simplified control panel which is fully functional and easy to master even for beginners. But some clients may find the design complicated if they are used to the cPanel control Panel.


What puts Omnis Network ahead of their competitors is the efficiency and speed of their servers which makes them quite reliable. Their service is high quality based on this fact and is therefore a good platform for e-Commerce hosting ($11.95).

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  • Nickolas

    The technical support at Omnis is impressive. They are specialists in hosting and by talking to them I knew that they had in-depth knowledge about this industry since I am an I.T. specialist. This is what attracted me to Omnis Network and I hosted my accounts and my clients’ accounts with them.
    This team is dedicated to their work and I like working with such people because they enrich my work.
    For several years I have been developing websites for my clients and customizing them according to their needs. I need a reliable and secure platform and that is why I chose Omnis.

    posted by Nickolas Tuesday, 19 March 2013 11:30 Comment Link
  • Phoenix

    The technical support at Omnis is very resourceful. They provide real solutions and you can easily reach them any time you need them. They are patient, smart and courteous. This is rare in today’s web hosting market. They respond to emails in time and answer the phone in fluent English unlike other companies who have answering machines. At Omnis the problem is dealt with specifically and solutions are found.
    Their 99.9% uptime guarantee is genuine and they are among the best web hosts I know. I realized this when I transferred my e-Commerce website to a cheaper web host expecting to pay lower prices. Although the prices were cheaper there were many disruptions and the website went down several times in a month. This was rare at Omnis so I transferred the website back to them.
    I appreciate the great service Omnis provides, their efficiency and reliability is excellent. You get value for the money you pay.

    posted by Phoenix Monday, 25 February 2013 07:57 Comment Link
  • Landyn

    When I joined Omnis Network the technical support told me that the one-plan-fits-all Windows Hosting did not support MSSQL Databases. They told me to use MySQL and ASP .NET to create the websites but this is not what I had planned to do. I claimed my money back within the guaranteed period but they deducted the domain registration amount from the refund although it was supposed to be free when I signed up. Fortunately I transferred my domain to another web host that supports MSSQL and I am fine now.

    posted by Landyn Saturday, 10 November 2012 10:56 Comment Link
  • Ali

    Omnis Network has been very helpful for the few months I have been with them. They helped me with the sign-up and assisted me to set-up my e-Commerce websites all the way. Omnis is the best webhosting company to work with. Their superb customer support is available 24/7 so whenever I have a question they are always there to answer ad show me the way.
    They conduct daily scans for spam and malware so I am assured that the money and credit/debit card information handled through my sites is secure. No wonder that they are accredited by BBB. I am happy to have chosen them as my web host.
    At first I found their interface very confusing but a friend of mine who is a web developer helped me and as I write this my websites are running smoothly. Although I am not a technology person the tech support has made it easy for me to maintain my websites. They keep sending me updates and I am happy with them for backing me up.

    posted by Ali Sunday, 21 October 2012 12:23 Comment Link
  • Marley

    Since I joined Omnis Network 5 years ago their service has been unmatched. It is not easy to find great service like the one offered by this company. My site has never been down except during maintenance and when I have a problem it is resolved within the same day or by the following day. I had a problem with my WordPress site which I had caused unknowingly. They fixed the problem and showed me how to avoid such problems in the future. When I joined them they showed me how to manage my account and how to make changes and update my websites.
    What sets Omnis Network apart from other hosting providers is the great service they provide. There are superior products and cheap prices in the market but a company that slackens in service lags behind. Omnis has a good reputation of good service and I chose them after doing a thorough research. I would call them any time before I signed up and surprisingly they would answer the phone. This assured me that they would be able to handle any problem that would arise.
    I am their loyal customer and I wish to highly recommend them to those looking for superior features and great service. I have renewed my contract and I trust that they will continue to provide us with great service.

    posted by Marley Sunday, 02 September 2012 19:12 Comment Link
  • Annie

    The speed I get from Omnis servers is very outstanding. In my many years of hosting I have not seen such unparalleled service which is hassle-free. Previously I was hosting my sites with their competitor and when I moved the sites to Omnis I have never looked back. I have e-Commerce stores which need reliable servers and so far I have received the best service which is hard to get elsewhere. The servers are efficient and speed of loading is excellent. This makes it possible for customers to browse my storefronts and buy my products and/or services. This is why server efficiency is important to me.
    The free tools were handy when creating and managing the sites. Omnis is preferred by businesses because they have shared SSL connection and there are password protected directories. For the last 6 months I have hosted with Omnis, I have not experienced any downtimes and this is amazing.
    I had to pay some extra money for the dedicated servers but I do not mind because the servers are so efficient which makes my business grow.

    posted by Annie Friday, 24 August 2012 04:55 Comment Link
  • Alec

    The ‘’unlimited’’ services which Omnis advertises is misleading. I hosted my sites with them and the speed was fast for some years until they started throttling my websites without notice. When I called tech support they claimed that my websites were using excessive disk space and therefore they started limiting the speeds. This was bad because we had been having great speeds in the past and we never experienced any problems. This was poor service after providing us with good service in the past.
    Take caution ‘’unlimited’’ is not unlimited at all. It is misleading and if you exceed their bandwidth and disk space they will throttle your websites. Keep off.
    There was also a time the company failed to send me a reminder to renew my domain and I lost it. They then billed me for restoration charges. They told me that they had sent the reminder but when I checked my emails there was nothing like that.

    posted by Alec Wednesday, 22 August 2012 16:22 Comment Link
  • Alfredo

    The customer service at Omnis Network s top-notch and they are experts in their works. This is a team that knows what they are doing and this is impressive. I had a handful of problems which I caused myself without knowing. I expected them to blame me for the problems but I was surprised when they explained in detail what had caused the problems. They took me through and were patient with me as we sought solutions together. They did not leave me to find the solutions myself but were helpful through the whole process. Better still, they showed me what I should do to avoid a repeat. I am happy with their excellent service and the patient support team. Thank you Omnis you are great.
    I recommend them and plan to stay with them.

    posted by Alfredo Saturday, 16 June 2012 18:32 Comment Link
  • Hugo

    The support team at Omnis Network is excellent. They are professional in handling issues and very knowledgeable in in-depth solutions which solve the problems to our satisfaction. They are friendly and helpful in searching solutions for the problems which we present to them and they do it without keeping us on hold when we phone them. They are completely different from my previous web host that would keep me on hold waiting for them to solve my problems. We have not experienced any outages for the 9 months we have hosted with Omnis Network.
    Our business sites have grown since we transferred them here and we have been receiving an increase in traffic to the sites until we had to purchase their dedicated servers.
    The only problem we had at one time is when we lost our data and they told us they did not have recent back-ups. We had to do a lot of work to restore the files and update the data but the sites are running smoothly now. The price of the system back-ups is on the higher side and we just hope this will not happen again.

    posted by Hugo Wednesday, 11 April 2012 15:24 Comment Link
  • Uriel

    I have been hosting my Joomla websites with Omnis for 2 years now. Previously, I was hosting with different web hosting providers because I was not sure which hosting provider to host with. I spread out the domains with other web hosting companies to be on the safe side. After staying with Omnis for 2 years I can say that I am pleased with their service and I have transferred all my domains to them. Some people are attracted by the introductory offers of competitors and end up being disappointed after signing up but this is not the case with Omnis. I have never had any downtimes with them. I make several changes to the websites and I find the website control manager easy to manage.
    I have continued to enjoy the unlimited web space, bandwidth and unlimited domains which Omnis provides. As a result, I have created a number of websites which have strengthened my Web presence. Everything about Omni is great, uptime, the hosting service, support team and customer service.

    posted by Uriel Friday, 17 February 2012 13:13 Comment Link
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