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(8 Reviews, 1.75 out of 5 Stars) Reviews1.75 out of 50 based on 8 voters. has been providing hosting service since 1994. The company promises 100% uptime and 100% satisfaction guarantee and if this is not fulfilled, you can get your money back within 30 days.

nethosting Reviews

Key Features provides the following-:

• Cloud Hosting/Cloud Servers at $ 24.95
• Dedicated Hosting/Dedicated Servers from $ 174.95 to $ 389.95
• Virtual Hosting/Virtual Private Servers-Cloud Virtual Hosting at $ 8.33, Windows Core at $ 9.95, Cloud Reseller Hosting at $ 89.95
• Linux and Windows Hosting
• Unlimited Disk Space
• Full Root Access
• "Remote Hands" to fix servers
• Support for Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS, Fedora etc.
• 100% Uptime Guarantee, 100% Satisfaction
• 24/7 Technical Support on phone, live chat and email
• 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Cloud Servers

NetHosting provides Cloud hosting solutions for companies as well as corporations. Cloud hosting is for any size of business whether large or small. The greatest advantage of cloud hosting is flexibility in that you can disseminate the cloud resources when demand of your business or enterprise changes. The cloud server resources are scalable, so, when your business requirements change, they change with them and the best part is that, this happens instantly. When your site starts to receive higher or lower traffic, you can upgrade or scale down the cloud hosting servers, so you only take what you require. This capability gives you a lot of flexibility and you don’t have to worry about your business demands.

You will have a chance to choose the RAM you want from 256 megabytes to 48 gigabytes, the CPU and bandwidth depending on your business demand but disk space is unlimited on all cloud servers. Other features include remote rebooting, network statistics and a web-based control panel which you can use anywhere where there is a browser.

Dedicated Servers

Users who have high website traffic, those with widespread businesses which use different domain names and those who require high levels of security may prefer dedicated servers. You can opt for self-managed or managed dedicated servers depending on your needs. Prices range from $ 174.95 to $389.95 depending on the dedicated hosting package you choose. When you choose managed dedicated servers, NetHosting will do the work for you which include installing the servers, configurations, monitoring, maintaining and updating the software, operating system and equipment. They also provide backups, restoration and security audits among other things. Since the prices may be prohibitive, you can start with self-managed servers and upgrade to fully managed servers when the right time comes. All hosting needs may not fall within the packages provided and that is why NetHosting offers upgrades on disk space, RAM and RAID options to meet individual needs.

Virtual Private Servers

For basic web hosting needs then provides Virtual Private Server packages. You can rent space on one of servers or you can opt for a VPS package for a server that has the same capability as a dedicated server but at a lower price.

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  • Kate

    Price is High
    When we purchased nethosting VPS Cloud packages, things were great. Their service has been good with almost 100% uptime although this is unachievable these days. The prices are competitive but what I like most about cloud hosting is flexibility. When demand rises I disseminate the cloud resources without needing their support. I like working in an independent environment and this is what I get at Their cloud servers are instantly scalable, so, when my site receives higher or lower traffic, I usually upgrade or scale down the cloud hosting servers, so I only pay for what I require.
    You will have a chance to use a web-based control panel anywhere anytime as long as you have access to a browser. I do most of my work in the field so this suits me best. The only issue I have with them is the high prices which have sent me packing and looking for affordable prices which I can afford.

    posted by Kate Saturday, 02 March 2013 11:02 Comment Link
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