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Intuit Reviews
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Intuit is popularly known for creating the reputable accounting software, Quickbooks, which has been in use for many years now. They also launched the Intuit Websites which has been powered by Homestead that is suitable for small businesses. However, the web hosting service which is similar to what Homestead offers is not be as popular as the accounting system. It is pricey and limited in features when compared with what other web hosts offer.

intuit hosting Reviews

Main Features

Intuit has an easy to use site builder which most users will not have a problem with, regardless of their skill level. The site builder has a wide-range of templates which customers can choose from. They also have 250,000 free images that make work easy for those who prefer to design their own websites. Unfortunately, Intuit does not support scripts so blogging using this platform is out of the question.
We can say that, web hosting service at Intuit is not intended for advanced users because of lack of comprehensive features which many tech gurus require. They have easy to use features that make setup straight-forward for beginners but they lack advanced features that give users an in-depth hosting experience. They do not have MySQL databases accessibility, hosting of multiple domains, support for SSH Shell access and scripts which other hosting service providers offer. They have a limit of 5 email accounts and they do not provide 24/7 support like what you can get elsewhere.


Intuit has 3 hosting packages suitable for small businesses (their target market)-:
• Starter Package at $ 7.99 per month
• Business Package wt $ 19.99 per month
• Business Plus Package at $ 59.99 per month


The Starter Package has many limitations. It has no domain name registrations and no email addresses so this package is not suitable for many users. Most people will upgrade to better plans.
The Business Package is pricey at a cost of $ 19.99/mo taking into account that it also has some limitations. These include a limit of 5 email addresses, disk space and bandwidth caps which you can get unlimited when you host with other web hosts. Furthermore, in addition to this amount you will need to pay for domain privacy at $ 12/yr.


Consumers are more concerned with uptime than many other variables. Intuit assures its customers of uptime reliability with a 99.91% measured uptime performance which is above average with the best in that category at 99.98% and the worst at 99.34%. However, their response time is the slowest compared to their competitors in that category.

Control Panel

Intuit offers a user-friendly control panel which is easy to use. Their interface is simple so anybody can maneuver things around even those who have no tech experience.

Customer Support

Support at Intuit is available on phone for the first 90 days thereafter you have to contact them via email. This is a bit restrictive because customers cannot get direct contact with them after this period.

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  • Bella

    I have been Intuit’s customer and I have been using their Quickbooks accounting software for many years. I therefore expected their web hosting service to be superior to others but I was disappointed. For a Starter Package of $ 7.99 there are so many features lacking which you can get elsewhere for free. I bought the Business Plus package which is quite expensive but I still found that despite paying that high amount, it still lacks comprehensive features which you would get from other web hosts charging even less than Intuit.
    I would recommend Intuit for the accounting package but not for web hosting services especially if you are an advanced user.

    posted by Bella Friday, 01 March 2013 17:32 Comment Link
  • Micah

    I bought Intuit Starter package but I found it to lack many features especially email addresses and domains which most web hosts have for that price and even lower. I therefore upgraded to the Business package but surprisingly, they do not even have 24/7 customer support which you can find almost everywhere else. Assuming that things will run smoothly after the 90 day period is an understatement on their side. Email support is not enough because there are many issues that we need resolved promptly without delay.
    In addition to this, the 5 email addresses they avail are not enough for some of us who have businesses that have great potential for growth. Although I like their cPanel, the site builder and their accounting software and that is why I have been with them for 3 years now, I would not recommend their web hosting service unless you have a very small business.

    posted by Micah Monday, 21 January 2013 12:51 Comment Link
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