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The company which was originally known as Synthasite was founded in 2007 and renamed Yola in 2009. Its Headquarters is in San Francisco; CA. Yola is a great platform for small businesses as well as non-profit organizations and blogs. Their display is unique and attractive for e-Commerce storefronts. Setting up a website is easy and straight-forward using their flexible and fast site builder. Their Site Creation Wizard makes it easy for any user regardless of their skill level. Their features also include Mobile Publishing, You Tube integration, SEO boosting tools and Advertising credits among others.

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Features and Add-ons

Yola features and add-ons include-:
• Online drag-and-drop site builder
• Professionally-looking designs
• 180 free templates
• Customizable templates
• Demo Video and Yola Tutorials
• Custom Domain/Private Registration
• Mobile Publishing
• SEO boosting tools
• PayPal shopping cart
• Google AdSense and Gadget integration
• You Tube integration
• Advertising credits-Google Adwords and Facebook ad credits
• 24/7 Customer Support


All the plans come with a drag-and-drop store builder, site statistics and a wide variety of professionally-looking designs and customizable templates. You have180 templates to choose from whichever package you opt for. The site statistics feature helps you to view the visitors on your site so you can make more informed decisions to help your business grow.

• The Free Package comes with no price, 2 available sites, 1 GB disk storage, 5 MB maximum file upload, domain and Yola ads/banner on the website.
• The Yola Bronze is $ 49.95/year and is coupled with 5 available sites, 2 GB disk storage, 5 MB maximum file upload, $ 50 Google Adwords credit and more capabilities.
• Yola Silver is $ 99.95/year and has 25 available sites, 5 GB disk storage, 100 MB maximum file upload, $ 75 Google Adwords credit and $ 25 Facebook ad credit, Mobile Publishing and much more.
• Yola Gold is $ 199.95/year with 25 available sites, 10 GB disk storage, 150 MB maximum file upload, $ 75 Google Adwords credit and $ 25 Facebook ad credit, Directory Submission, Mobile Publishing, Traffic Builder and SEO package.

Website Builder and Website Designs

Yola’s site builder makes it easy for you to create and customize web pages even if you have no tech experience. The drag-and-drop site builder and Demo Video make it easy for you to design your website and e-Commerce online store. You can also use it to move things around the web pages, which is a great advantage. This capability gives you full control of creating and adjusting your site to your satisfaction even if you have little tech knowledge. You don’t need to learn programming to be able to do this because the whole thing is easy and straight-forward.

The professionally- looking website designs are available on all packages together with customizable templates on which you can add photos, maps, videos, images and many others. You can purchase your own domain at $9.95/year and have it privately registered and you can have the Yola website link removed from your free package at the same price.


Yola has easy-to-use tools and features. The drag-and-drop site builder is easy to use and you can create your website easily within no time even if you have no technical experience. The site builder suits any skill level. The hosting provider has a great interface with step-by-step guidelines which
It is encouraging to note that you can create and publish your site on the Web, Facebook and on the Smartphones. The website is not loaded with third-party advertisements.

The e-commerce online store is quite attractive and you may consider Yola for your e-commerce business now or in the future. The Yola online store costs $ 19.95/month. This enables you to sell your products 24 hours, manage inventory, sell on mobile phones and on Facebook Fan Page as well as accept credit card and PayPal payments.

You can upgrade to the Premium plans in order to strengthen your Web presence. The Premium packages have modern-looking templates which are impressive and can be customized to suit your needs.
Yola gives you full control of your website since you can edit it online on your browser with any PC and you can also add your own HTML, CSS, Javascript and much more to meet your needs.
You will be able to control your online store, hosting, domains and emails from one place. As the business grows you can upgrade upwards to the other packages which have more superior features to stand out online if you have to be ahead of your competitors. You may have started with the free package but there are many possibilities which you can utilize.

You may go for a custom domain or retain the one you may be using but it is best if you paid for private registration to protect the domain from unauthorized users like telemarketers and spammers.


The website you create using Yola tools is basic and does not have in-depth features like what you can create with desktop apps. The online capabilities are restrictive with many structure limitations on the templates and not as powerful as some desktop software packages which have comprehensive features.
We found out that it was easy to add features even e-commerce features. We would recommend Yola Silver for outstanding e-commerce stores. However, the premium packages are expensive for personal websites.

There is a major difference between the simplified free templates and the premium ones which are more professional. The CSS only unlocks with the premium templates and not with the free package.
The free website is just basic although it has some of the premium features. It also has Yola ads included which you may not want to interfere with your business because they may disrupt your customers’ attention but if you are fine with the ads then you can go ahead and create the free website.

The Yola ad branding is on the footer of websites that are created on the Free and Bronze packages.

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  • Eddie

    I have been having an account with Yola for 2 years and I find their drag-and-drop function easy to use. I was able to setup my simple e-Commerce sites on my own and I was able to move things around the web pages as I like which is fun. I pay $ 19.95 each month for my online store which is quite impressive. Yola is a great platform for people who are just starting their online stores because everything is spelt out in step-by-step instructions. Unfortunately I find them expensive because they charge $ 11.95 per year for their .com domains which is a bit on the higher side while an email account goes for $ 9.96 per year.
    The website I created using Yola tools is just basic and does not have all the structures which you can find while using desktop apps. Their capabilities are limited and you can only customize them to a certain level since Yola does not have comprehensive features. There is a difference between free templates and the professional premium templates but the CSS only unlocks with the premium templates so you have to be ready to pay more. The premium packages are expensive.
    If you need Mobile Publishing, SEO package, Traffic Builder and Directory Submission, you need to dig deeper into your pocket.

    posted by Eddie Tuesday, 12 March 2013 09:18 Comment Link
  • Alvin

    I didn’t want Yola Ad Banners
    I have been a customer of Yola for quite some time. I started with the free package because I was a beginner. The free website I created at first was just basic although it has some of the premium features like other superior plans. The only problem is that it had Yola ads included which I did not want because this disrupted my customers’ attention. I therefore upgraded to Yola Bronze package. Yola’s site builder made it easy for me to create and customize my web pages without hassles. My site is up and running already and it is easy to do all this with no tech experience.
    The instructive Demo Video made it easy for me to design and publish my basic e-Commerce online store. The drag-and-drop functionality gives you full control of creating and adjusting the site as you wish. I found it to be easy and straight-forward.
    I was able to add photos, maps, videos, images of my own. The only thing I did not like is their high price so I had to move to a more affordable web host. I also did not like the Yola ad branding which they put on the footer of Free and Bronze websites which I could not remove.

    posted by Alvin Thursday, 18 October 2012 20:14 Comment Link
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