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Yahoo Reviews
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Yahoo Reviews2.46 out of 50 based on 26 voters.

Yahoo is a brand name that is popularly known for email accounts and as a reputable online search engine. It also provides webhosting services which includes several features with their hosting packages. These include a Free Domain Name, no setup fee, website design tools, Customizable designs and social media networking tools among others.

yahoo hosting Reviews

Main Features

• Free Domain Name
• Discount offers with no setup fee
• Website design tools
• Custom site designs
• Social media networking tools
• Photo Galleries and Slideshows
• Yahoo Web Analytics
• Google Analytics
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• Site traffic statistics
• $ 100 Yahoo ad credit
• $ 50 Google Adwords credit
• 24/7 Customer Support

We found out that their site builder is not easy to use especially for people who have no tech experience. It is also incompatible with those of other popular web hosts so it becomes difficult for customers to move their sites elsewhere.


• Basic Plan at $ 3.74/mo (regular price $ $ 4.99) 100 GB Disk Space, 1,000 GB/mo Data Transfer, 10 site pages, 250 Email addresses and Yahoo designs
• Advanced Plan at $ 5.99/mo (regular price $ $ 7.99) 500 GB Disk Space, 5,000 GB/mo Data Transfer, Unlimited site pages, 500 Email addresses, Yahoo and 3rd party designs, support programming languages, Password protection, Shared SSL Certificates
• Premier Plan at $ 8.99/mo (regular price $ $ 11.99) Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Data Transfer, Unlimited site pages, 1,000 Email addresses, Yahoo and 3rd party designs, support programming languages, private registration included, Password protection, Shared SSL Certificates

The discount offer is only for a limited time and prices revert back to regular prices after 3 months. All the plans come with 1 Free Domain Name.

Website Design Tools

Yahoo has a simple online site design tool which makes creating a website easy for users who do not have technical knowledge or experience. You will not require any unique software or downloads to build a website because everything has been provided. Yahoo has many professional designs which you can customize to suit your needs.

Third party design and development tools such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher etc. are available at an extra cost for those who purchase Advanced and Premier plans. Password protection is also available for these plans. They also have Photo Galleries and Slideshows which make their sites appealing to many for the first time although not for a long time. There are video tutorials also which give step-by-step guidelines to follow when creating your site. Since Yahoo is well-known as a search engine people expect them to be good at webhosting but they are not.

Customer Support

Customer support is available on a 24/7 toll-free phone, email and online help center although customers complain that they are unreachable, unhelpful and arrogant.

Customer support response is very slow and this is one area customers are concerned about. They can keep you on hold for 30-45 minutes and their call-back service takes double that time. They can delete your site and email account without notice.

Yahoo Interactive Features

Photo and video galleries, slideshows and other features promote your website so that it can entice customers to your products. But Yahoo will keep losing customers unless they look into their complaints and solve them.

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  • Justice

    I have been having an account with Yahoo for several years. The Yahoo Small Business service is unreliable these days. The servers are very slow and they can go down for more than 48 hours. The unlimited disk space is not what they claim to offer because they can shut down your sites without warning if they notice that you are using a lot of resources. This is not a good platform for e-commerce sites because of this.
    The technical support reps have no clue about hosting and other issues. They keep you on hold to find answers from their superiors and this can be very frustrating. When you call other webhosting service providers, they give you answers there and then but not Yahoo.

    posted by Justice Saturday, 23 March 2013 02:50 Comment Link
  • Karen

    Worst Customer Service
    I use Yahoo email accounts and also their search engine often. However, web hosting is not their expertise.
    Customer service at Yahoo is horrible. It is ineffective, unresponsive and rude. They will never put you through to talk to a supervisor regardless of the seriousness of the problem. If you dare ask them to let you talk to a supervisor they just hang-up on you automatically. Some customer service staff members are rude and arrogant. They have outsourced their services so there is no way you can talk to someone in USA to explain your problem.
    I had an account with them and they kept charging my credit card without notification. There was no one to help me after numerous phone calls and forwarding emails so, I had to cancel my credit card with the bank to stop these payments. When I finally talked to the Operations Manager I decided it was my time to move elsewhere. They have no courtesy for their loyal customers and they keep telling you there is nothing they can do about it.
    I have decided never to host my websites with them again. I cancelled my contract with them and moved to Hostgator.

    posted by Karen Friday, 18 January 2013 11:51 Comment Link
  • Alicia

    WordPress issues
    I host my clients’ sites on WordPress but the Yahoo sites are the worst. The ones I have installed with them are without permalinks until now and no one can believe this. Their site builder is too complicated especially when customizing templates. This has been easy with other site builders I have worked with in the past. Trying to transfer accounts from Yahoo to another web host is a nightmare.
    Support team has been outsourced and it is hard to communicate clearly due to language barriers. The time zone differences are also another factor that makes this service frustrating. Calling them is expensive and when they tell you they will sort things out within 24 hours they fail to do so. To get an email reply from them takes much longer than I can wait. Not Recommended.

    posted by Alicia Friday, 09 November 2012 19:52 Comment Link
  • Hector

    I bought Yahoo packages recently and I regret. Their site builder is difficult to use and quite complicated because there are some things you cannot adjust especially CSS files and themes. Positioning photos, images and videos is a daunting task. Worse still, it is different from what other hosting companies provide. It becomes hard to relocate elsewhere because of this incompatibility, so they tie you to their plans even when you don’t want to stay.
    The site I came up with after using their site builder tool is simple and not likeable. The variety of templates is poorly selected and the outsourced support is horrible. There is communication breakdown because of language barriers. This is poor service and Yahoo charges much higher than their competitors in fact 3 or 4 times higher for such service. This is an overpriced service.
    The only thing I can commend Yahoo for, is updating MySQL because they were years behind other hosting providers in this.

    posted by Hector Thursday, 01 November 2012 12:16 Comment Link
  • Erick

    I have been working with clients who have their accounts with many hosting services including Yahoo. Of all the web hosts I have been working with Yahoo is at the bottom of the list. Their customer service is terrible and servers go down at random without notice for longer than 2 days in a row. The tech reps have no knowledge of even the most basic technical matters. This is quite frustrating because we need answers to certain issues that crop up time and again. They keep you on hold with their automated service for 30-45 minutes and when you get a customer service rep on the line he/she will keep you waiting to find solutions to your problems. Even a small issue can be a whole day’s affair and not many people have that time especially if the answer you get is unsatisfactory. These delays are very annoying when you have to talk to a technician who has no clue about what you are saying.
    I do not recommend this hosting provider.

    posted by Erick Sunday, 21 October 2012 03:15 Comment Link
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