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StartLogic Reviews
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StartLogic Reviews1.78 out of 50 based on 18 voters.

StartLogic is an award-winning webhosting service provider that delivers professional solutions, low-prices for the first-term and feature-loaded solutions to their customers. Their over 100,000 worldwide customers include individuals, small and medium-sized businesses as well as corporations. You can choose the monthly or yearly plans which are loaded with enough disk space and bandwidth to give you online presence to help your business grow. The plans come with registration of a free domain name, a free site builder and instant setup for free.

startlogic hosting Reviews


The company offers a wide range of features as follows-:

• Free Domain Name, Free Instant Setup, Free Site Builder
• Free Installation of WordPress, Joomla
• vDeck 3.0 Control Panel
• Linux OS, MySQL Databases, PHP 4 & 5
• SSL Secure Server, CGI-BIN, Perl
• Professional Template Designs
• POP3 Mailboxes, Webmail, Spam Protection, Antiresponders
• PayPal integration, Shopsite Installation, OSCommerce, AgoraCart
• Free Installation of Image Gallery2
• Google, Yahoo/Bing and Facebook Free Ad Credits
• 24/7 Toll-Free Customer Support
• Yearly and Monthly Plans
• Free Yellowpage Listing
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee


• Personal Logic at $3.99/mo: 25 GB Disk Space, 25 GB Bandwidth, Unlimited Email Accounts, 10 Domain hosting, Free installation of WordPress, Blog tools and Image Gallery
• ProLogic at $5.95/mo: Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth, Domains & Email Accounts, Free Domain Name, Free Setup, Shopping Cart Choices, Point-and-Click Website Builder, $100 Google Adwords, $25 Yahoo/Bing and $50 Facebook Free ad credits
• VPSLogic starting at $26.99/mo: Unlimited Website hosting, Host Unlimited Domains, 1 TB Bandwidth, 20 GB Disk Space, Linux OS, MySQL and PHP choices, Open VZ Virtualization software and an IP Address

The introductory offer is for 1 term only, thereafter, rates revert back to the regular prices after the first term. Customers should be aware that, prices will change on renewal and the free setup is available for a limited time.

StartLogic offers monthly as well as yearly packages but we found their offer quite cumbersome especially for beginners who may not be able to make a choice among the comprehensive features available. The Google Search and Google Webmaster tools are fully integrated while StartLogic also provides password protection, spam filtering and generation of keywords among other capabilities. The system enables you to design or customize your own Error Pages.

Control Panel

From our observation we found out that the StartLogic interface can be intimidating for first time users. The vDesk control panel can be hard to maneuver for users who are used to the cPanel control panel. Navigating the interface was difficult.

Customer Support

Customer support is slow. They fill tickets for 48 hours and when you call them to tell them what you are going through, they tell you to upgrade to one of their expensive plans. Customers are disappointed with StartLogic customer support and their cancellation policy. When you cancel their service, they keep billing you and charging your credit card despite the fact that you no longer use their service.

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  • Garrett

    Our business website needed some changes so I asked StartLogic reps to help me edit it but help was not forthcoming. There was a time they deleted our site including all the files and we had to pay them to restore the site.
    We cancelled with them but the surprising thing is that they have been billing us every year despite the fact that we cancelled 2 years ago. We cannot trust them again. Great features need to be backed by support otherwise customers are disappointed making them move elsewhere and that is what we did.
    We do not recommend them to anybody despite their cheap prices.
    Do not use this service at all.

    posted by Garrett Monday, 25 March 2013 11:28 Comment Link
  • Colten

    I subscribed with this web host several years ago and what I can say is that I found the vDesk control panel difficult. Navigating the interface was a nightmare but I still pushed on because of their affordable price.
    Their support is terrible. They are helpless and pathetic. They will not even allow you to talk to a supervisor however serious your problem is. StartLogic has gone downhill from a reliable service to what it is today. My sites go down frequently at least once in a month during which time I lose hundreds of dollars from loss of sales. Their servers are extremely slow especially recently and their service is unreliable. They fill tickets for 48 hours and when I call them all they keep telling me is to upgrade to one of their more expensive plans.
    Their prices are competitive so I am torn between leaving them to their competitors or staying with them.

    posted by Colten Sunday, 17 March 2013 19:22 Comment Link
  • Nyla

    This is a lousy service. Avoid them by all means. When you exceed bandwidth limits they suspend the account without notice. Other good web hosts warn you when you get near the limit so you decrease your usage but these ones do not do that, you just realize they have suspended your account without giving notice. They did this to me and I was very annoyed with them.
    They suspended my account twice saying the usage was overloading their servers. I removed the database files which they said had caused over-usage but my account was still suspended. I called customer support who replied with apologies and promises to fix things up. Yet, they have not re-activated my site and I have been losing revenue from sales every moment the site is down. I am so disappointed with them.
    I have been their loyal customer for several years and this is what they have done to me. I am locked-in by a 2 year contract but I have transferred some of my sites to other web hosting providers where I have not experienced any major technical issues so far. They have not released my domains I keep reminding them but they are taking all their time.
    Stay away from them. Not Recommended.

    posted by Nyla Saturday, 29 December 2012 22:25 Comment Link
  • Willow

    I was Overcharged
    I have been a customer of StartLogic for 5 years and when I started out, things were good. Their prices were among the cheapest and their services were the best. This is not the same anymore.
    I have hosted several sites with them and I cannot explain how disappointed I am with their service. I bought one of their VPS plans and I wish I knew what would happen beforehand. They charged my PayPal account wrongly but they refused to refund me the money. They charged me for 3 years renewal for $49.99/month instead of $29.99/month and you can imagine how much that was for a full year but when I claimed the money, they said the 30-day money back guarantee was over knowing very well that it was their mistake. Finally it is PayPal that refunded me the money. They also charged me an extra fee of $50/hour for anything I needed done on my website. I had to cancel my contract yet they charged me after that.
    They have now been billing me for another term although I cancelled their contract. Avoid them at any cost. They will just extort money from you even when you are not using their services.

    posted by Willow Tuesday, 20 November 2012 17:20 Comment Link
  • Shelby

    Poor Customer Support
    We bought StartLogic packages because we were attracted by the low-prices for the first-term and the feature-loaded solutions. After being with them for 5 years we have noted that, their service has gone downhill especially within this year or so. Their customer support is poor and they do not take interest in their work. They keep you on hold and when you finally talk to them or chat with them they give you generic answers or tell you that you have to wait for their ‘’engineers’’ to fix the problem. When they tell you they will get back to you they do not so you wait helplessly.

    posted by Shelby Tuesday, 01 May 2012 14:55 Comment Link
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