Shopify Reviews

Shopify Reviews
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Shopify Reviews3.76 out of 50 based on 17 voters.

Shopify is a hosted e-Commerce solution that has everything you need for your online business. It is an online store builder and a shopping cart provider that has all the features that are necessary to start running an e-Commerce store. It provides a wide range of e-Commerce solutions from setup, hosting, payment processing and management all in one basket.

shopify hosting Reviews

We reviewed Shopify and found out that it is one of the easiest and simplest e-Commerce apps in the market. In addition to this it enables users to store their customers’ information for follow-up and inventory information to help track inventory.

Easy to Use

Shopify is easy to use and this helps get the e-Store up and running within no time.

Shopify Plans

Shopify has 4 plans which are-:

• Basic plan at $29 per month with 2% Transaction fee, 1 GB storage and 100 SKU limit
• Professional plan with 1% transaction fee, 5 GB storage, 2,500 SKU limit
• Business plan with 1% transaction fee, 10 GB storage, 10,000 SKU limit
• Unlimited plan with 0% transaction fee, Unlimited storage, Unlimited SKU

The service has a host of tools and features that will help any user create their e-Commerce store and make it successful whether it is their first store or otherwise.


All the plans come with Ad credits $100 Google Adwords and $100 Amazon advertising credit.
Since Shopify is online software, you will not need to install or maintain related software on your computer or server.

Being a hosted e-Commerce solution, Shopify takes responsibility of upgrading software and handling management of the server giving you a hassle-free experience.

Although Shopify solutions are standardized, you can customize the wide variety of themes available or create your own themes. This gives you a lot of flexibility.

Shopify is an easy to use solution that spares you in-depth coding and integration. You will not require HTML/CSS knowledge which makes it a ready-to-use solution. It is enough for a basic website and suits users who need their online stores to start kicking immediately. It saves you the headache of getting too deep into the technology jargon but may not be the right choice for those searching for powerful software and comprehensive solutions like Magento, X-Cart etc. There are licensed shopping carts for the tech gurus.


The websites are hosted on Shopify servers so you may feel as if you are not in full control.

Some people are of the view that, this store builder offers shallow solutions that is only capable for basic website needs. What they have done is to overcome this by providing users with Shopify App Store which compensates the lacking capabilities. But overall, other complicated solutions like Magento have all the features that Shopify lacks and may be the best choice for some users.

Shopify charges a Transaction fee of 2% for the Basic plan and 1% for both Professional and Business plans. This becomes expensive when handling a large volume of transactions although those who opt for the costly Unlimited plan are spared the fee.

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  • Derek

    We signed-up for the Basic plan at $29 per month but when we add the 2% transaction fee we find it expensive.
    Shopify charges high transaction fee and this can add up if you handle large volumes. We found the 1% transaction fee for the Business plan a bit on the higher side since we were just starting our small business e-Commerce stores and we needed all the revenue for business expansion. We have to pay the transaction fee and also the monthly charges.
    We decided to move elsewhere because the cost can add up to what other comprehensive solutions with more features charge. This had become expensive for us since we handle a large volume of sales and we preferred to move elsewhere where we can get more features and product variants as our business grows instead of upgrading to the costly Shopify Unlimited plan which has no transaction fee.

    posted by Derek Tuesday, 22 January 2013 15:46 Comment Link
  • Andres

    I signed up for the Basic plan and I can say that I am pleased with the Shopify store builder which I used to setup my basic store. It was easy for me to use, straight-forward and also affordable. Anyone can be able to work with this system and get their business running without hassles regardless of their skill level. The professionally-looking designs are attractive. I like working with their customizable templates which are flexible and interesting to work with.
    I was able to setup my e-stores within minutes using the software. I started selling my gadgets within 3 hours of setting the shopping cart. Maintenance costs are low and the sales revenue can cover the amount spent on the shopping cart. However, the websites are hosted on Shopify servers and I feel as if I am not in full control of my business.
    I might consider moving my stores to a provider with VPS hosting or dedicated servers when business reaches high levels.

    posted by Andres Friday, 21 December 2012 02:20 Comment Link
  • Elias

    High Transaction Fee
    I find Shopify easy to use and this helped me build my e-Commerce store and start selling immediately. I used the tools and features to create my first store and make it successful. Since then I have setup several e-stores which are also successful. You can also utilize this simple solution whether it is your first store or you have several of them.
    One thing that has set me back is the cost. Shopify is quite expensive for the volume of transactions I handle. The 1-2 % transaction fee is a bit on the higher side for some of us who need every coin to invest back into our small businesses in order to grow and realize profits.
    Currently, I have not been using Shopify because I handle a large volume of transactions. I prefer to launch my sites with BigCommerce which has more features than Shopify.

    posted by Elias Sunday, 01 July 2012 15:19 Comment Link
  • Braden

    I bought the Professional plan package but I found out that, this solution lacks some features which are found in other shopping cart solutions that charge similar prices.
    This may be a good starting point for online businesses. Shopify is a simple solution that does not require in-depth coding and integration. I like the fact that I can customize HTML/CSS and come up with a solution that meets my needs.
    It is just enough for a basic website and suits clients who need their online stores to start selling immediately without getting too involved. It saves them the headache of getting too deep into the tech skills but may not be the right choice for those searching for powerful software and comprehensive solutions. Although Shopify has enough features for many users, they lack certain capabilities.

    posted by Braden Friday, 30 March 2012 22:25 Comment Link
  • Paul

    Few Product Variations
    The Shopify admin panel is easy to use and it has a host of features that are enough for many clients and designers. I am a web designer and I commend them on that. I particularly like the templates because they are easy to work on and most of my clients’ accounts are hosted with Shopify for this reason. However, this is only a good store builder for basic websites which require shallow solutions. For clients who need in-depth solutions and websites I have to turn to Magento or similar store builders which have all the features and capabilities not found in Shopify.
    If you are a small online business that does not require in-depth solutions then Shopify is cost-effective.
    One problem I found is that Shopify only allows users limited product variations. This is restrictive because other service providers allow a wide range of variations for each product and many options to choose from making their solutions flexible. Our company sells fashion clothes of different colors, sizes and a wide selection of material types. We found that Shopify could not handle this so we quit.
    They should provide a large variety of product variations like the ones found at Magento or X-cart so clients can have a wider choice.

    posted by Paul Thursday, 16 February 2012 15:36 Comment Link
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