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JaguarPC Reviews
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JaguarPC Reviews2.50 out of 50 based on 8 voters.

Jaguar Technologies, LLC Hosting using its brand name JaguarPC is based in Houston, Texas. The company was founded in 1998 and provides shared hosting plans, VPS hosting and dedicated servers to individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits and government agencies all over the world. The hosting provider offers high-quality services that are cost-effective. JaguarPC has 3 subsidiaries, Aletia Hosting, Devpod Software and

jaguarpc Reviews

Terms of Service

You need to read their TOS carefully.

• To cancel a contract you must do it manually
• Caps include a limit of 30% of server resources, 10 GB daily usage of bandwidth etc.
• $50 fee for administration of any credit card disputes
• Spam protection
• No data backups customers have to do it themselves


• cPanel easy-to-use Control Panel
• 100% Uptime guarantee
• Reliable service
• Helpful, responsive Community Forum
• 30 days Money back guarantee


• Varied support capability (generally slow)
• 10 GB per day Bandwidth caps


We found that JaguarPC sales team is very responsive in answering questions. They give informative answers which guide the customer while making decisions. The sales reps are available on phone, live chat and email 24/7. There is a high-traffic community forum where you can source a lot of information.
After sign-up and verification of personal details and credit card information I was sent a welcome letter using my email. This did not take a long time and I was ready to setup my site within no time.


JaguarPC offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space for the shared hosting plan .The company offers ‘’average’’ hosting prices when compared with other hosting providers. The price of their single shared hosting plan varies depending on the hosting period. Those who opt for the 36 month payment term (payment in advance) pay as low as $4.95/month while those who choose the monthly term pay $7.95/month.

Reliability and Uptime

The company guarantees 100% uptime and I can say that their network is reliable from what I found out.


The support at is available on phone, live chat, email, ticket system and it all varies depending on who handles your case. There are those who respond fast and there are those who take even days to attend to an issue. I tried this out and the live chat support was quick to address to issues but most times they are not helpful especially when the problem is complicated. In such instances, they refer you to phone or email support. Some phone support staff members are prompt and informative but most of them are slow. Email responses are the slowest. An issue can take the reps hours to several days for them to resolve.

The community forum is very useful because when you post something other users respond and you learn from their experiences.


The billing department is accessible using phone and email and sometimes live chat. I had no problem with billing and cancellation of the account when my term ended. Everything went just as I had expected. I cancelled my account manually as stated. However, you need to abide by the TOS if you expect a smooth exit. If you have any credit card issues they deduct you $50 to handle administration costs.

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  • Darren

    Support is unresponsive
    I have been hosting with JaguarPC for the last 6 years and the VPS servers have been fast but their customer service has worsened over the years. The hosting services were great for the price they charge and uptime was reliable. I transferred my sites to this web host after conducting my research. Everything went smoothly from domain transfer to website setup and I was satisfied with their service. For many years, I had no downtime issues except during upgrades and maintenance periods and this is expected, until recently. They moved my site to a slow server and all I have now are problems. The time out errors are common.
    This year things are different. Customer support has worsened. They give excuses when you report a problem. They don’t seem to read the support tickets carefully and they are slow at responding. It took them 2 weeks to get things done last time I filled a support ticket. This was not the way they were a few years ago. They used to be quick at responding but they have changed. When I want them to respond fast I post my complaints on the community forum and this makes them act because they do not want other readers to notice.

    posted by Darren Thursday, 14 February 2013 18:19 Comment Link
  • Miley

    SLOW Support
    This web host is great for those who don’t need fast response because they can get service at reasonable rates. They have great features and an easy to use cPanel control panel.
    Although prices are good, support at JaguarPC is poor. They are slow at responding to problems and this can take hours even days. I would not recommend them for those who handle critical data and those who require responses within 24 hours or less. I paid for the shared hosting plan but the downtimes have become regular. The servers go down constantly and when they are running they are slow.
    Some of the support reps are friendly and helpful but some are elusive. I phoned them when my site was down for 2 days but they did not solve the problem so I filled several tickets which were not acted upon for hours. I wrote emails daily but they did not respond until I chat with one of their staff who ensured that my problem was solved. This can be strenuous if you have to move from phone, emails to chat to get things fixed. Some of us do not have that much time. I would prefer to stay away from JaguarPC.

    posted by Miley Monday, 21 January 2013 12:21 Comment Link
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