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iPage Reviews
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iPage Reviews3.84 out of 50 based on 43 voters.

iPage has been offering cheap and efficient web hosting services for many years winning Awards such as the Best Shared Hosting Provider. The company has more than 1.5M Domain Names which they manage. They use eco-friendly wind power (100%) to run web servers so when they host your websites and emails you can be sure you are conserving the environment by using renewable energy.

ipage hosting Reviews

Hosting Services

iPage is a shared web hosting company which has been providing cheap hosting services with numerous features to its customers for over 10 years. It has a 24/7 technical support to help users resolve website problems which they may have. If you are looking for shared hosting of a personal website, iPage offers competitive prices for a wide range of services using GREEN energy. Their plans are low-priced starting at $3.95 per month with anytime money back guarantee which is reasonable for the services they provide.

• Limitless Disk Space
• Limitless Data Transfer
• 1 Domain Name Free hosting
• Website Setup in an Instant
• Guaranteed Money Back at ANYTIME
• Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
• Site Building Tools (Free)
• Free Extras worth over $450

iPage offers a low price for their services. Some of their customers are content with these services. There are some who have used their services for years without any issues. It all depends on the package one has chosen.

Technical Support Complaints

The technical support is helpful but they are usually unable to resolve the frequent problems which arise. It seems like iPage has slackened in their services and there are numerous customer complains which override the low-cost hosting packages they provide.

Functionality Complaints

The servers are down frequently making the websites go offline many times. This makes their services unreliable and undependable. The downtime is a great concern for clients who require constant updating of their websites making them lose online business when servers are down and even when they are working, the servers are quite slow. Some softwares do not operate as they should.

Complaints about Varying Prices

Some customers have complained that iPage is cheap when you are registering but they have hidden charges which they demand when you use some of their services making the UNLIMITED gimmicks worthless. It is good to check the charges and additional fees before using the services because some of them are very expensive compared to what other hosting companies charge.

They even charge renewal fees without notifying the customer in advance making some of their clients cancel their subscription and move elsewhere. Getting a refund is tedious and at times they credit the customer’s account with the money so one has to use the refund for paying their services. When you cancel the subscription you lose the refund. They have unauthorized charges and dishonest billing so be careful.


iPage has been misleading about their location and we don’t know why they do this. Somehow, when customers discover the truth they feel doubtful about them.

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  • Lance

    Do not be misled stay away from this webhost. I hosted with them and they billed me for 1 full year (additional) which is a lot for me. Check their terms and conditions clearly before signing up with them.
    Their servers are down frequently making the websites go offline many times. This makes their services unreliable and undependable. The downtime is a great concern for clients who require constant updating of their websites making them lose online business when servers are down and even when they are working, loading is slow.
    The outages are very common and this affects my work negatively. When I try to call their technical support the telephone numbers are so busy it seems like there are several people experiencing the same problem. My customers keep calling me to tell me my websites are down and this is very annoying.

    posted by Lance Monday, 25 March 2013 05:28 Comment Link
  • Ross

    The tech support team at iPage is incompetent especially if you raise issues that they don’t seem understand. They may sound friendly but most times they are not able to solve my problems. I have so many issues and when I try to explain to them they keep blaming me and then they close my ticket saying that they have solved the problems which is not true. I therefore told them I was looking for another web host.
    iPage had no back-up services for my business website. When they sent me the back-ups they had they were backdated and I had to update the contents. This was not the first time they did this. There was a time I lost almost all the content. When I contacted customer support I was swayed from one person to another and I had to keep repeating the whole thing to every person I was referred to.
    I told iPage that I did not want to renew but they still charged my credit card for renewal.

    posted by Ross Thursday, 07 March 2013 09:31 Comment Link
  • Arturo

    The customer service at iPage is the worst. They seem like they are only interested in signing up new customers but maintaining the existing accounts which they have is a big problem. They have hidden charges which they will not tell you about when you are signing up. I contacted online support about cancelling my account. They promised to refund my money but instead of doing that they charged extra fees on my credit card without notifying me. I am annoyed with their service. Make sure you read their fine print before you commit yourself.

    posted by Arturo Saturday, 09 February 2013 21:11 Comment Link
  • Arthur

    The iPage technical support is not helpful and I have a lot of problems myself which they are unable to resolve. Some of them especially the new ones don’t seem to understand the problem and they are therefore unable to help me. The problems I have with iPage so far outweigh the low-cost and I am planning to move to another web host after my contract expires.
    They have been charging me $75/hour for fixing my site. They have third party software which they can’t control and anything I needed done was charged. The price for hosting may be cheap but managing the site is very expensive. Customer support is unclear about issues. They are below average when it comes to knowledge about issues. It seems like they have answering machines. Their speeds are terrible. Most times I get server errors.

    posted by Arthur Thursday, 20 December 2012 22:25 Comment Link
  • Morgan

    iPage has been good and that is why I have been with them for a long time. I appreciate the way Jason searched what the problem was and resolved it fast.
    I wish to advise you that when you are searching for a web hosting provider you need to choose the one with the most reliable, secure and flexible service. Competitive rates may be active but they are not everything. Reliability is important especially for people like us who have e-commerce stores because you need your website to be available to existing and potential customers all the time. E-commerce also involves monetary transactions and exchange of confidential information so the hosting service has to be secure in order to protect online payments and personal information at all times.

    posted by Morgan Sunday, 11 November 2012 01:23 Comment Link
  • Josue

    I have been an iPage customer for 3 months and I am pleased with their services since I am a beginner. I set-up a basic website and for the time I have been with them I have only has minor issues. It is Jacqueline who made me feel positive about them. She helped me set up my website within hours. The technical support is helpful and the staff reps are friendly from my own experience.
    Since I signed up with iPage I can say that I am happy with their price and services. It is hard to beat their prices and I am glad for the support they have given me especially Mike. I had some issues but I am glad they were solved. Before I subscribed with them I researched and their price was good for me. Since I have only a basic website my needs are minimal so I don’t get major problems. Thank you.

    posted by Josue Sunday, 04 November 2012 15:38 Comment Link
  • Marc

    When I registered with iPage their prices were cheap but they have hidden charges. They increase prices after the introductory period so it is good to find out what the rates will be for the following year before you register with them. They charged renewal fees on my account automatically and then charged my credit card without notifying me in advance. I am planning to cancel my subscription and move elsewhere.
    I called support but they kept moving me from one person to the other until I gave up. Not Recommended.

    posted by Marc Wednesday, 10 October 2012 17:22 Comment Link
  • Jimmy

    Since I signed up with this web host I have only had bad experiences with them. There are prolonged downtimes when my websites go offline with frequent time-out errors which makes me feel let down by iPage. Their servers are slow and loading MySQL data files can at times be very slow. I have sites that need fast loading and I am disappointed with iPage. They advertise so much about their low-prices but their service is lacking.
    This may not be a good web hosting company for you if you are looking for speed and reliability like me. Try elsewhere. I do not recommend them at all.

    posted by Jimmy Monday, 24 September 2012 08:33 Comment Link
  • Abranham

    I have been having problems with my website. There are times I cannot access my web pages and it seems like iPage are having problems with the servers because I keep getting ‘’500’’ and ‘’404 errors’’.
    It is unfortunate that iPage provides shared hosting services and it does not provide VPS hosting or dedicated servers. There are people like me who need to upgrade to VPS and dedicated hosting as their businesses grow.
    I joined iPage 2 years ago but my e-Commerce business has outgrown shared hosting. Although I need to upgrade my hosting plans to VPS hosting I have to move elsewhere. At first I was hesitant to sign-up with them because I was used to Cpanel but their VPanel is also easy to use. For the 2 years I hosted with them I have used their services without any major issues. I also found their prices to be cheap compared to what other web hosting companies charge.
    I also lost my domain because they did not indicate that it was free for one year only.

    posted by Abranham Wednesday, 01 August 2012 16:25 Comment Link
  • Carl

    I am their client and I can say that iPage is a good service provider for those who have basic websites like me. But those people who have large files and those who receive a lot of traffic they may need to look elsewhere. That is why I have read negative reviews about them because you cannot upgrade to other plans. Many shared hosting plans have many limitations so it is good to check what they offer and see whether it is enough for your needs.
    I have a personal website right now which is running smoothly. Josh really helped solve some issues which I had. He did it patiently and I was very impressed. Thanks Josh.

    posted by Carl Sunday, 22 July 2012 05:13 Comment Link
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