Inmotion Hosting Reviews

Inmotion Hosting Reviews
(39 Reviews, 4.23 out of 5 Stars)
Inmotion Hosting Reviews4.23 out of 50 based on 39 voters.


InMotionHosting is a professional service provider and among the top rated hosting companies in the world. InMotionHosting is also an award winning hosting service provider which has won Awards for the Best Business Hosting, Best VPS Hosting, Best Dedicated Server Hosting and the Best Ecommerce Hosting. This business hosting company is popular among online business community because of their reliability, speedy servers that ensure optimal performance, highly qualified technicians, excellent customer service and impressive uptime. They offer efficient e-commerce web hosting solutions which are business oriented.

inmotion hosting Reviews

Great Service

InMotionHosting is top-notch and the most popular web hosting company around. They provide 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime which is very reliable and 90-Day Money Back Guarantee which are the best offers in the market. It has been rated highly by real users and experts as an industry leader in hosting services. InMotionHosting has been offering quality web hosting services to its clients since 2001. The customers are happy with their services and most of them have a long-term relationship with the company which is rich in great e-commerce solutions and attractive features.

• 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime
• 90 Day (the best) Money Back Guarantee
• Fast website and email Speed Zone Technology
• Fast Encrypted Emails which have efficient SPAM protection
• cPanel which is easy to use
• Premium Web builder (FREE)
• Disk Space and monthly traffic which are Unlimited at $8.95 per month
• Professionally-trained Technical Support
• Excellent customer service


InMotionHosting has been rated highly by its clients voting it as one of the best hosting companies around. It is a great choice for businesses due to its reliability which makes their services secure and dependable. Their servers are speedy and efficient saving customers lots of money and time with no hassles experienced. The updated software has all the features needed for a website and cPanel is easy to use even for those with no technical knowledge.

Professional Technical support

The award-winning technical support is composed of a team of professionals who are experts in web hosting. The unbeatable technical support is very knowledgeable and helpful in resolving problems. They answer questions with clear explanations and process requests fast to the satisfaction of their customers who rate them highly. They work professionally and answer questions precisely and satisfactorily. They give step-by-step solutions which are easy to follow even for those who are new in the hosting field.

Excellent Customer Service

They have one of the best customer services in this industry attending to the clients promptly whether on phone, live chat or email. They are exceptionally friendly, efficient, polite, patient and thorough in delivering services. Their clients are happy with their superior customer service which is very impressive and they recommend InMotionHosting to everyone, without reservations.


InMotionHosting offers affordable prices which is very competitive for the high-quality services they offer. Their customers are very impressed by their efficiency for the price they charge. You will get value for your money as you save.

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  • Amber

    I am a newbie who did not know how to setup a WordPress blog and an email account. Tech support guided me all the way. They gave me clear instructions on phone and when I followed what they told me my account took off. There are many web hosts out there who think everyone knows what to do. These guys are different. They treat you with respect and you feel like you know everything from day one.
    Before I came to InMotion I had tried many other companies but they ignored me. InMotion is on top of the list for me. I highly recommend them they are the best.

    posted by Amber Friday, 21 December 2012 03:57 Comment Link
  • Raul

    Our website has been running well for the 3 months we have been with InMotion. We are a non-profit and when we came here we needed a reliable service at reasonable rates. We have been able to get what we were looking for at InMotion and we will stay with them as long as we can. The support people are friendly and very experienced. They have been able to handle the issues we have raise with them.
    I am glad we found InMotion because everything is now running smoothly. I will recommend them to my friends because I am happy with their service. Kudos

    posted by Raul Sunday, 21 October 2012 07:26 Comment Link
  • Casey

    This is a great webhost having moved from a horrible one. My previous webhost was GoDaddy and although they are good with domain registration I was disappointed with the hosting service. There as a time I had problems with accessing my emails. The emails sent by my clients were bouncing back.
    I had an online chat with one gentleman who was friendly and he told me what I should do. Although I did not understand what the problem was, my emails are accessible now. I hope this problem will not happen again.
    I will ask my friends to transfer their accounts to InMotion. They have great service.

    posted by Casey Saturday, 29 September 2012 02:32 Comment Link
  • Manuel

    The tech crew at InMotion is very knowledgeable about the issues raised. When I called about an email spam, the problem was solved instantly. Imagine the account was cleaned and I have not had a single problem at all thereafter.
    They showed me how to reset the password and I can assure you my account is secure now. I installed some spam protection features to be sure that this does not happen again. I was worried at the beginning because I thought it was a problem that arises many times but they kept reassuring me.
    They explained everything precisely and I am proud to be their customers. Before signing up with any web host read the reviews carefully because there is nothing as bad as calling support and failing to get solutions. This can be very frustrating especially if you are like me who has to depend on them since I am not tech savvy. Thanks for helping.

    posted by Manuel Friday, 21 September 2012 03:44 Comment Link
  • Edgar

    Their customer service is excellent. If there is anything that surpasses other web hosts, it is their customer service. I have called them several times on phone and I can say that the help-desk staff members are very responsive.
    They are keen to help and they work professionally. They attended to me promptly and they were patient with all my enquiries. You speak to a real person (live) and not to a machine like other webhosts.
    Their service members speak fluent English and attend to you with a lot of respect. This is what I really like and I am sure I’ll stick with inmotion hosting for a long time.

    posted by Edgar Friday, 17 August 2012 02:37 Comment Link
  • Marco

    The In motion hosting team is arrogant. When they put my account down without warning I was very disappointed. I set up my company to earn money but that does not seem anything to them. At first they were OK but when my site started receiving more traffic they shut it down. They told me this was my fault and I could not believe it. Why would they suspend mu account and yet I had signed for unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space? This is terrible. I would not recommend them even to beginners. Keep away from In motion hosting.

    posted by Marco Sunday, 12 August 2012 11:45 Comment Link
  • Erick

    Inmotion hosting costs more that what other hosts charge but I recommend them because of their customer support. These days it is not easy to get such support elsewhere. People like being treated well and although you have to pay some extra bucks it’s worth it. Maybe you can get cheaper prices elsewhere but I can assure you that it is hard to get the right kind of support.
    I highly recommend this web hosting provider. I had a problem with my WordPress blogs. I contacted tech support and they resolved the problem fast. I am happy with their services and I can recommend them to any person who is looking for reliable service.

    posted by Erick Friday, 20 July 2012 19:22 Comment Link
  • Ashley

    I can say that I am a novice in web hosting so it took me a lot of time to know what I had to do. I am a college student who signed up recently and it is my first time to set up a website. I am so impressed by InMotion Web Hosting technical support because of the way they handled my case. They have been of much help assisting me to set-up my personal site since I did not know where to start. Initially I felt intimidated and I had minor issues now and then but they sorted them out. I am proud to be their client.
    I also had a problem with billing and when I called In Motion a gentleman known as Zack helped me and I am happy with the way my site is running.
    I recommend this web hosting company to all beginners and advanced webmasters as well.

    posted by Ashley Thursday, 21 June 2012 16:34 Comment Link
  • Riley

    If there is anything I like about InMotion Hosting it is the way they use green energy. We all know that we have a duty of conserving the environment. I hosted all my websites with this company because I believe in using renewable energy as a way of taking care of our planet. InMotion uses wind energy and if we all hosted our websites with this web host we would be sure of setting a good example to others. Green energy is not the only thing that made me choose this InMotion. Their service is superb and they have very prompt support that is very efficient. Congratulations.

    posted by Riley Tuesday, 22 May 2012 14:31 Comment Link
  • Pedro

    Our company moved all our websites to InMotion Hosting to benefit from the fast server speeds available in their Max Speed Zones. Being an e-commerce business, speed is very important to us. It means everything for our business. We have taken the Business Class plan and although we can get cheaper prices elsewhere we are sure we cannot get the speeds we get here.
    I particularly like using the EZ Commerce tools which make our work easier. Our business has become successful because we have an efficient web hosting provider which has powerful e-commerce features. We have been able to serve our customers better with on-time shipping, invoicing and the secure payment systems. Thanks In Motion Hosting.

    posted by Pedro Monday, 14 May 2012 12:11 Comment Link
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