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HostPapa Reviews
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HostPapa Reviews4.28 out of 50 based on 32 voters.

HostPapa was founded in 1997 and since then, they have been providing webhosting solutions to over 80,000 customers. They are a privately owned hosting company that has locations in New York, USA and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

hostpapa hosting Reviews

The shared hosting provider has one-hosting plan which is all-inclusive although not good for those who wish to upgrade. They offer attractive prices starting at the current offer of $3.95/mo and a free domain name coupled with several unlimited hosting solutions and add-ons. The webhosting at HostPapa is powered by 100% GREEN energy conserving the environment by using renewable energy. A third-party conducts an audit annually and HostPapa purchases green energy (which is fed back into the grid system) that is equivalent to what has been used to power the servers, office lighting, telephones etc.

Key Features

• 1 FREE Domain Name for Life
• Hosting Unlimited Domains on a single account
• 100% GREEN Energy
• Unlimited Bandwidth, Disk Space, Data Transfer
• Unlimited add-on domains
• Unlimited FTP Accounts
• No setup fee, Free site building tools, SEO tools
• 100 MySQL Databases
• WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, B2Evolution, Ruby on Rails
• OS Commerce, CubeCart and ZenCart shopping carts
• 30 day money back guarantee

HostPapa provides standard features and a host of valuable tools that include site-building software to power blogs and small sites including e-Commerce stores. The rich features include OS Commerce, CubeCart and ZenCart shopping carts capability available in their hosting packages. Dedicated IP address is available at an additional charge.


Cost-effective: HostPapa prices are very affordable, the cheapest being the 3-year plan at $3.95/month. I can say that we found their prices to be very reasonable, not too high and not too low. HostPapa prices are good especially if you sign-up for the 36 months plan which is $3.95 per month now. This price is competitive when compared with what similar web hosts charge.

Renewable Energy: HostPapa 100% GREEN Energy hosting is reputable among users who want to reduce carbon footprints. They are truly committed to conserve energy and that is why all their devices are powered by clean energy in their data centers and offices.

Ad Credits: Ad Credits include $100 Google Adwords, $25 Yahoo/Bing, $50 Facebook, $75 Amazon, $25 Miva, $50 Ask and $25 BidVertiser.
They offer ‘’1 FREE domain name for LIFE’’ and domain transfer assistance.
There are no setup fees and you will have access to a Photo Gallery, Forums and SEO tools.


Support complaints: Support is available on telephone, email and chat although not helpful. It takes days to act on support tickets and hours to respond to urgent tickets. Contacting them via phone takes 30-45 minutes and sometimes you have to wait for an hour to have them answer the phone lave alone solve the problem.

Limited Hosting plans: Hostpapa offers an all-inclusive shared hosting plan and there is no room for upgrading.

Prolonged period: To get the lowest price, you need commitment for a prolonged period which may not go well with some people who like shorter terms.
High cancellation fees: There are unreasonable fees charged which you will not be able to get a refund on when you cancel the contract.


HostPapa is not a good web host for people who handle crucial data and for those who require support regularly because they have poor customer support. Their prices may be attractive for some people but not for others because of the long-commitment involved to be able to get the cheapest price. Some customers may choose them because of green energy and low prices but without efficient support they may feel let down. It is not a popular green hosting provider compared to others like GreenGeeks.

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  • Jeremiah

    I would not use HostPapa for my business sites but their low-prices are attractive for personal sites that do not require much. It is one thing to make promises and it is another thing to deliver. I had a bad experience when my sites were down and all they could do was deny it. This affected my Google Rankings and my business was affected adversely. I cancelled my contract and instead of releasing my domain they have been holding me hostage. My site is inaccessible and I am losing money on the business.
    They promise a free domain name for life but do not be fooled. It is better to pay for a domain name and transfer it when you want than to lose money when customers cannot access your website. Of course they cannot keep waiting so they move to your competitors and buy from them.

    posted by Jeremiah Monday, 25 March 2013 17:41 Comment Link
  • Diego

    Hostpapa is not as good as they portray to be. I bought their packages and I will not repeat that mistake again. The customer service is made up of people who tell lies until you catch them. Don’t believe what they always tell you. When I told them my site was down they told me that things had been fixed. I checked and found out that the site was still down. I phoned to tell them that what they had told me was not true. This is when they told me to submit a ticket and promised to investigate the matter.
    There was also a time when my email accounts were inaccessible. My customers would call me and inform me about it but the customer service at Hostpapa would deny it. It seems like they are non-existent.
    I do not recommend hostpapa at all.

    posted by Diego Saturday, 16 February 2013 07:00 Comment Link
  • Jalen

    The support team is a big joke. You have to wait for 30 minutes of your precious time to get through and when you do, the rep attends to you on intervals keeping you on hold indefinitely. This is too extreme. I would prefer to host with a small hosting company that knows what they are doing than with Hostpapa.
    When you contact the reps they abandon the live chat without solving the problem. They play a game on you by telling you the problem was fixed just to keep you away. When you pin them down with facts they tell you to submit a ticket so they can follow the matter up. It takes hours before they can even attend to an urgent matter and days pass without any solution when you submit a ticket.
    I have transferred my domain to another hosting company but even this transfer is taking too long. They keep apologizing when I complained but what I need is action. When I contact them via phone they kept me on hold and finally cut-off. I called sales dept and I spoke to a friendly person. They speak to you nicely if you want to purchase their packages but after that, life becomes a nightmare.

    posted by Jalen Friday, 25 January 2013 11:44 Comment Link
  • Monica

    Poor technical support
    The technical support at hostpapa is the worst I have ever worked with. When I send an email it takes them a couple of days to get them to respond to my emails. Then I have to wait for several days for the problem to be solved. When I call them they promise to get back on email which takes 3 days. Worse still the answers they provide are not satisfactory. Avoid them if you can. This is a hosting provider for those who need little support and can sort things out on their own.
    The technical support agents are not well trained and they cannot solve real technical issues. They cannot answer the simplest questions and what they tell you is confusing. I almost lost my domain because of that. They gave me instructions which were confusing.

    posted by Monica Friday, 30 November 2012 02:33 Comment Link
  • Harmony

    We are satisfied with the service HostPapa provides for the price we pay for the 3 year option. We are located in Canada and the server speeds are fast. They always inform us about any disruptions when they are carrying out maintenance and updates. We have a small consultation firm and having hosted previously with more expensive hosting companies we appreciate the competitive prices they offer.
    When we transferred the domains from the other company the process was smooth and HostPapa reps really assisted us until everything was up and running.
    We also like the HostPapa commitment for using clean energy. The only complaint is that they have only one person at the Helpdesk some of the times and it is hard to go through the phone or online support. It took me 1 hour to get through an operator and she hang up on me before the problem was solved. It takes even 3 days to get support to act on a ticket leave alone provide a solution. They promise ‘’to get back to you’’ but they don’t.

    posted by Harmony Tuesday, 21 August 2012 12:51 Comment Link
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