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HostGator Reviews
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HostGator Reviews4.30 out of 50 based on 57 voters.

HostGator is one of the biggest hosting service providers in USA having hosted more than 5M domains and over 400,000 customers. The company has been awarded the Best Reseller Hosting and the Best Windows Hosting among other awards. It started as a small company but today it is among the recognized web hosting providers in the world with over 20,000 Reseller accounts. It offers tools and features which ensure smooth running of the business. These include-:

hostgator Reviews

• Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
• 24/7 Server Monitoring
• Unlimited MySQL databases
• Unlimited FTP accounts
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited domain names and sub-domains names
• Latest cPanel and Web Host Manager WHM
• 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Multi-Languages
• Free Transfer of Scripts, Websites, MySQL and Domain Name

HostGator provides Windows Hosting which is equipped with a wide range of powerful features which make it reliable and flexible. These include MySQL database, Access Database, Windows IIS, Parallels Plesk Panel, ASP, and ASP.Net among other supporting software, at a low price. This is in addition to unlimited bandwidth, web space, FTP accounts and email accounts.

Resellers are given the latest WPM and cPanel Control Panel to help them manage their reseller account. They in-turn provide their customers with cPanel which enables them to create and manage their websites also.

HostGator has been winning Awards for quality service for years. They focus on providing affordable shared hosting services but they also offer other hosting plans including VPS Hosting services. They provide reliable service to individuals who may have personal website or they may be bloggers and to large organizations worldwide using GREEN Energy. They use wind power to run the servers which is eco-friendly. Customers prefer their shared hosting plans because of the reasonable price and some resellers are content with their services. There are customers who recommend that you choose the appropriate HostGator package and upgrade the plan when traffic increases in order to get the best service. However, there are complaints here and there.

Sales Department Complaints

HostGator sales reps advertise a fixed low price for shared hosting services but this is misleading. This price is available if the customer signs for a whole year otherwise the price varies to a higher amount. Their services drop after the introductory period and when the 30 day money guarantee expires. They ask for personal details and have issues with refunding customers their money.

Complaints about Customer Support

The servers are usually down without notification and this negatively affects customer online businesses especially those of resellers. The technical support reps seem to be incompetent failing to resolve problems which arise. Their response is slow keeping customers anxious and when they respond they are of little help. The technical support reps log into your account and modify your account without your permission.

Functionality Problems

Customers have complained that their websites do not function smoothly due to frequent database errors. The servers are slow and HostGator reps turn-off the websites without warning.

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  • Theodore

    I have a blog site which runs slowly and this is frustrating. Worse still, the technical support reps suspend the website without warning saying that I have exceeded the memory and CPU usage with my 1,100 visits per day. This is not high traffic for other web hosts. The technical support team people are ignorant and incompetent.
    I called them several times but they failed to resolve problems that arose from my site. Their response is slow and they keep their customers anxious as the wait for solutions which is bad. When they respond they are of little help. The technical support reps log into your account and modify your account without your permission deleting data without asking you. There is also a time they sent my password openly through the internet.

    posted by Theodore Saturday, 27 October 2012 07:21 Comment Link
  • Adrian

    My experience with hostgator customer service was amazing. I am satisfied with what I get from them. I bought the Business Plan package and I had my domains transfer, email account, FTP accounts and my website transfers without any problem. I like the Linux hosting but I have the ASP .Net hosting with another service provider. The server speed is fast and I have not had any downtimes for the 2 years I have hosted with them.
    My previous hosting company was terrible so I appreciate hostgator much more. Their price is not cheap and I wish it was but it is good for the great service. I also have a Reseller account and my clients are happy with their service. We are given the latest WPM and cPanel Control Panel to help the clients manage their reseller accounts. They have provided us with an easy to use cPanel which enables us to create and manage our websites also. The features are updated regularly so we can keep the websites updated.

    posted by Adrian Sunday, 30 September 2012 02:33 Comment Link
  • Austin

    I have cancelled my account with Hostgator and although I have not received the refund I am not going to recommend them to anyone. For the 3 years I have been hosting my website with other web hosts I have not been asked for my driving license details. When I ordered for hosting on their website I was told by email to send them these details.
    I am not ready to reveal such information so I would rather quit. I cancelled with them and I hope I will get my refund without hassles. There are many times we join a company because of the advertisements and realize that it was better if you stayed with your previous service provider.

    posted by Austin Tuesday, 11 September 2012 03:44 Comment Link
  • Hunter

    For the last few years HostGator has been my favorite web host. I hosted with them in 2008 and they were reliable and efficient. I don’t know what happened this year because their services worsened. They are inconsistent and downtimes are regular. The support center is not what it used to be. There are some representatives who are nice and in fact some staff members are excellent while others are not. But HostGator services have slackened and I would not recommend them for now. They need to pull up their socks. I bought the Baby Plan but I am planning to move to a more reliable web host if they don’t change.

    posted by Hunter Tuesday, 07 August 2012 02:30 Comment Link
  • Cameron

    There are people who have negative things to say about HostGator and I am surprised although everyone is entitled to their opinion. My experience with this company has been fine and I find their prices average not high not low somewhere in between. No company can be all that perfect so it’s accommodating to say that their services are satisfactorily. The live chat is prompt and any problems I have had, have been dealt with within reasonable time. I recommend this company. The free demo made me make my decision to host with them easy.

    posted by Cameron Thursday, 02 August 2012 11:42 Comment Link
  • Sydney

    It is so frustrating that HostGator controls CPU usage than the hosting provider had last time. I was not used to this and when some information was deleted from my website without anyone informing me or asking for my permission I felt I was not going to continue hosting with HostGator. I lost a lot of information and I had to send so many tickets to support but nothing was done about my problem. Finally I had to transfer my files to other web hosting service providers instead of upgrading with them. I am frustrated and I feel that they should have let me know in advance.

    posted by Sydney Monday, 30 July 2012 19:29 Comment Link
  • Brooklyn

    I have been having an account at HostGator and I am happy with the services especially customer support staff who act quickly when I raise any issues. If you want fast service use live chat. That is what I and my friends do. I hosted all my sites here and since I do not receive a large flow of traffic on my sites I have no major issues with them. The few problems I usually get are resolved fast when I use live chat. Technical support has been fabulous and the reps are knowledgeable and quick in their responses. The transfer of domains is done fast. I highly recommend them.

    posted by Brooklyn Monday, 11 June 2012 16:33 Comment Link
  • Cameron

    I am disappointed with HostGator service because the servers are usually down and when I ask their support, I am told that since I am using shared hosting that is expected. This goes on without notification and this affects my customers’ online businesses since I am a Reseller. Although I do not get a lot of traffic there are times when my website goes down for a whole day.
    There are other web hosts that offer better services than this at cheaper prices so I do not recommend HostGator unless you are ready for slow services. I have one account for my clients and when one client does not pay all the other clients accounts are affected. I am waiting for my term to end so I can move my sites there.

    posted by Cameron Wednesday, 23 May 2012 14:32 Comment Link
  • Thomas

    I signed up for the Business Plan with hostgator and I can say that I find the cPanel user-friendly. Building the website was easy using their easy to use site builder. They have templates that can be customized and although I am not an expert in website building I was able to create the shopping cart for my e-commerce website. I was also able to integrate it with PayPal and credit card payment systems. The Magento hosting is great for my site. The features and SEO tools help me market the site and ease my work. I am grateful that I received the $100 Google Adwords credit and I am glad I chose hostgator. The only thing I can say is that, if they lowered their prices they would be able to win more customers.

    posted by Thomas Saturday, 12 May 2012 12:12 Comment Link
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