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HostGator Reviews
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HostGator Reviews4.30 out of 50 based on 57 voters.

HostGator is one of the biggest hosting service providers in USA having hosted more than 5M domains and over 400,000 customers. The company has been awarded the Best Reseller Hosting and the Best Windows Hosting among other awards. It started as a small company but today it is among the recognized web hosting providers in the world with over 20,000 Reseller accounts. It offers tools and features which ensure smooth running of the business. These include-:

hostgator Reviews

• Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
• 24/7 Server Monitoring
• Unlimited MySQL databases
• Unlimited FTP accounts
• Unlimited email accounts
• Unlimited domain names and sub-domains names
• Latest cPanel and Web Host Manager WHM
• 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
• Multi-Languages
• Free Transfer of Scripts, Websites, MySQL and Domain Name

HostGator provides Windows Hosting which is equipped with a wide range of powerful features which make it reliable and flexible. These include MySQL database, Access Database, Windows IIS, Parallels Plesk Panel, ASP, and ASP.Net among other supporting software, at a low price. This is in addition to unlimited bandwidth, web space, FTP accounts and email accounts.

Resellers are given the latest WPM and cPanel Control Panel to help them manage their reseller account. They in-turn provide their customers with cPanel which enables them to create and manage their websites also.

HostGator has been winning Awards for quality service for years. They focus on providing affordable shared hosting services but they also offer other hosting plans including VPS Hosting services. They provide reliable service to individuals who may have personal website or they may be bloggers and to large organizations worldwide using GREEN Energy. They use wind power to run the servers which is eco-friendly. Customers prefer their shared hosting plans because of the reasonable price and some resellers are content with their services. There are customers who recommend that you choose the appropriate HostGator package and upgrade the plan when traffic increases in order to get the best service. However, there are complaints here and there.

Sales Department Complaints

HostGator sales reps advertise a fixed low price for shared hosting services but this is misleading. This price is available if the customer signs for a whole year otherwise the price varies to a higher amount. Their services drop after the introductory period and when the 30 day money guarantee expires. They ask for personal details and have issues with refunding customers their money.

Complaints about Customer Support

The servers are usually down without notification and this negatively affects customer online businesses especially those of resellers. The technical support reps seem to be incompetent failing to resolve problems which arise. Their response is slow keeping customers anxious and when they respond they are of little help. The technical support reps log into your account and modify your account without your permission.

Functionality Problems

Customers have complained that their websites do not function smoothly due to frequent database errors. The servers are slow and HostGator reps turn-off the websites without warning.

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  • Julian

    HostGator is among the best Linux Web hosting providers I know. Before signing up I had tried several web hosts but I prefer HostGator although the sales reps advertise a fixed low price for shared hosting services which is misleading. This price is available if the customer signs for a whole year otherwise the price varies to higher amounts if you don’t.
    There is a time I filled several tickets after chatting online for a long time but my problem has not been resolved so far. I have technical issues which need to be sorted out but HostGator tech support does not care. Heir hold times are 15-30 minutes and for someone like me it doesn’t work that way. I need quicker service.

    posted by Julian Tuesday, 26 March 2013 06:54 Comment Link
  • Jason

    I signed up for a reseller account with hostgator and my clients are pleased with their services. The servers are 2 times faster and more powerful than my previous hosting service. Downloading is much faster and I am satisfied with the speeds.
    They have an exciting service although the price is on the higher price. Their products and features are impressive. I am happy that never have I been hacked since I hosted with HostGator and this is amazing with the many hacking reports we read here and there.

    posted by Jason Monday, 25 March 2013 01:24 Comment Link
  • Aidan

    HostGator servers are efficient some of the time while they can be down for even 2 days. Although they have promised 99.9% uptime when they advertise their services they are not reliable. When you complain they tell me to upgrade to VPS. They deleted some files saying that I had exceeded cpu caps. They told me that this is done automatically so there was nothing they could do about it.
    The downtimes are sometimes disappointing especially for me because I have an e-commerce store although when servers are working they can at times be fast. If you are looking for 99% uptime guarantee then this may not be the best web host for you.

    posted by Aidan Tuesday, 05 March 2013 05:03 Comment Link
  • Ronald

    I am a web developer and although my issues have been beyond the chat support agents we have always fixed them up with the technical staff. They are awesome answering questions promptly and fixing problems on time. My work has never lagged behind because of issues so I am glad I chose this hosting company. Hostgator is a great web host for my business sites and personal accounts.
    I have multiple domains and I would recommend them to beginners because of the ease in creating websites. The site builder and templates are straight forward even for those with no technical knowledge. Try the Demo on their website.

    posted by Ronald Friday, 01 March 2013 21:52 Comment Link
  • Charlie

    Before I joined hostgator 3 weeks ago, I compared many web hosting providers to pick the best deal. So far I am very pleased with their services. I have Window Hosting and I am OK with this service provider. I am satisfied with their services and customer service is amazing. The $100 Google AdWords credit is encouraging. I find the site-builder and their latest cPanel user-friendly. My website was up and running within a few days using the available templates.
    I first tried the Demo on their website before signing up. So far, so good. I wish they can lower the prices on the Business Plan but right now I am on the Hatching Plan.

    posted by Charlie Thursday, 21 February 2013 22:13 Comment Link
  • Julius

    My site has been down several times this week and work cannot continue like this. HostGator is just interested in attracting more customers instead of improving their service. How can people work and make profit if sites are down so many times? Their services are expensive so when I joined them I expected reliable service. Today my site was down for 4 hours in a row.
    Hostgator is not cheap so I expect better service. I have to upgrade to the Baby Plan and I hope I will get what I am looking for. At least I have not been hacked like what happened when I was hosting with GoDaddy. I feel hostgator is more secure with content because I have not had security challenges with them.

    posted by Julius Thursday, 24 January 2013 18:51 Comment Link
  • Phillip

    I have not been able to access the control panel and when I ask support center I am told that my password is wrong. This cannot be true because I have been using this password all along. They have changed my user name and password without my permission which is a nightmare. If you host with this company just expect such things. You can spend hours on live chat or phone and end up feeling disappointed when the issue is not sorted out. They can even ignore your case for days.
    The hold times on their phones are too long, keeping people waiting unnecessarily. I like people who pick the phone within the first few minutes.

    posted by Phillip Thursday, 17 January 2013 19:44 Comment Link
  • Dustin

    I am a customer and I need to look for another web host because my website does not function smoothly due to frequent SQL server connection errors. The SQL servers are also slow and HostGator reps have been trying to convince me to upgrade to dedicated server but I am not ready to do that. The service is unreliable and I would prefer to move my sites to a more efficient server with another web hosting provider than upgrade with them.

    posted by Dustin Wednesday, 16 January 2013 14:46 Comment Link
  • Easton

    I don’t agree that this hosting company asks for confidential details. It is only when they suspect something, that they ask for such information and this is good for customers’ security. I prefer to host with such company that is committed to preventing fraud than otherwise. I have multiple sites hosted with this company so I know what they do. This is a great company.
    The customer support is great also and the technicians go out of their way to make sure that problems are fixed. They have asked for my personal details a few times but I don’t mind because I know they want to ensure that my account is protected. What I don’t like are the yearly plans.

    posted by Easton Sunday, 30 December 2012 04:33 Comment Link
  • Gael

    I am surprised that you are only allowed one domain name on the Hatching Plan. Other hosting providers allow for one FREE domain and unlimited domains for cheaper prices. I feel that the prices are high for their type of service. I also don’t know why hostgator expects me to reveal confidential information such as ID photo, driving lcnce scan, credit card details and Passport information. This is confidential and not all people want to reveal their personal information online especially with such security risk that is found on the internet. Be careful.
    I cancelled the order I had placed on their website when they sent me an email asking me for such details. Luckily they are good at refunds you just talk to support or email them and after you verify the information you get your refund within the 45 days.

    posted by Gael Tuesday, 11 December 2012 03:54 Comment Link
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