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GoDaddy Reviews
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GoDaddy Reviews4.58 out of 50 based on 65 voters.

GoDaddy is an award winning domain registrar known all over the world for its world-class products. It offers competitive rates for a wide range of services and has a customer base of over 10M customers spreading all over the world. GoDaddy manages over 52M domain names, the highest in the world, far much ahead of its competitors. If you are looking for a domain registrar that will make your online presence noticeable, GoDaddy offers everything you require whether it is for email accounts, eCommerce solutions or other hosting services.

godaddy Reviews

• Domain Name huge selection which include international Domain Names
• Fast Email hosting which is secured by Spam and Virus protection
• Prompt SSL Certificates and Deluxe SSL Support systems
• 4GH Hosting System
• Pre-built Professional Designs and Website Templates
• Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
• 24/7 Monitoring of Networks and Security among other services

GoDaddy started as one of the best domain registrar years back, gaining long-term customers but they have changed.

Functionality Complaints

GoDaddy is a leader in the industry of add-on services but some customers have complained that the add-ons are added to the shopping cart almost compelling them to buy, which they don’t like. The customer reviews indicate that GoDaddy services are slow despite their low- priced packages. The company started off as efficient hosting provider but has slowed down over the years making their services unbearable especially when a client is uploading large files. This service is for those with small files otherwise large ones get cancelled when loading.

The servers are usually down with no back-up which is a disadvantage for those who require constant updating of their websites making them opt for a more expensive service which is reliable. Customers prefer to go elsewhere since they are disappointed with the services.

Sales Department Complaints

The company has cheap marketing gimmicks which they fail to deliver and some people say their sales reps are pushy and invasive which is annoying. Unfortunately they are poor at executing those promises although the company started off as a great hosting service gaining over 10M customers with time. Today, they over-promise but fail to deliver the services losing their customers to their competitors who are more reliable.

Customer Support Complaints

Their customer support reps seem to be incompetent. When they fail to respond or to give answers and resolve the problems, customers feel disappointed. If the company has a customer base ranging in millions they need the best customer support ever otherwise they will lose them to more efficient competitors however small. Customer service is vital for such a hosting provider to be able to retain customers.
When choosing a hosting company you should base your decision on other important criteria like reliability, tech expertise and security not price alone because the cheapest may not always be the best. You may be paying a cheap price and lose online business due to poor uptime, unreliable servers which are usually down with no back-ups and regular downtime.

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  • Malik

    There are many web hosts out there that provide quality services than you can get from this web host. I am extremely disappointed after hosting with them for 6 months which seems like a very long time to me.
    It takes 15-30 minutes for me to go through the telephone. If you tell them you are buying their products they get interested. But when you tell them you have a problem they do not seem to understand what it is. They fail to connect you to the right person to solve your problems. I would rather go for a web host that charges more and get quality service.
    I am ready to pay more dollars and have a hassle-free webhosting experience. GoDaddy is for beginners who may be interested in cheap service but not for advanced users. They cannot even advise you on matters that arise. I do not recommend them.

    posted by Malik Wednesday, 01 August 2012 11:55 Comment Link
  • Emilio

    I signed up with Go Daddy but their tech support is the worst. They don’t care about the customers or the problems they have. I therefore host my domains with them since they are cheap but I host my business sites with other companies like Host Monster which I find more secure than Go Daddy. There was a time I hosted with Go Daddy and after some confusion with my partner whom we had parted ways, they changed the password and pin in his favor leaving me vulnerable after all the years I was with them. I moved to Host Monster and I am happy where I am. I will never use Go Daddy for web hosting again.
    I do not recommend this hosting provider.

    posted by Emilio Sunday, 22 July 2012 09:33 Comment Link
  • Quinn

    We have an NGO that we hosted with them and Go Daddy works fine some of the time but when the servers go down it can be for hours. This can be critical for some of the work we do that is sensitive to time. We usually call them to let them know what we are experiencing but as much as they promise to deliver service they are not sure by what time. They don’t know whether it is within minute, hours or days.
    Many times they keep saying that the problem has got nothing to do with them. The tech support is inefficient. I will not use this web host again when our contact expires. I like a service provider that can accept responsibility not one that evades issues. Sorry.

    posted by Quinn Thursday, 12 July 2012 04:48 Comment Link
  • Lillian

    Go Daddy seems to have been hacked severally and this makes the sites insecure. This was very shocking since our sites disappeared just like that. We contacted customer support reps but some of our websites were not available. They restored some of them and I cannot say how disappointed we were.
    Security at Go Daddy is a major concern and I would prefer a hosting provider that has tight controls. I cancelled my account and transferred our sites to a more secure service. I have been hosting with other companies but of all of them Go Daddy is the worst.
    I advise you to keep off from this company I do not recommend them at all.

    posted by Lillian Wednesday, 06 June 2012 12:35 Comment Link
  • Raul

    I signed up with Go Daddy because of their features and the cheap domain price. I also learnt that I can register multiple domain names at a low price. What I have a problem with, is their control panel since they do not use cPanel which I am used to. Furthermore the interface keeps changing and this becomes very confusing.
    I like Go Daddy because they offer the cheapest domain registration prices but I am not happy with the hosting services. The servers are so slow at times, that it becomes difficult for me to be able to do any meaningful work on some days. To make it worse, there is no back-up and I have to keep updating files because they have regular downtimes.

    posted by Raul Sunday, 12 February 2012 16:12 Comment Link
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