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FatCow Reviews
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FatCow is a well-recognized hosting provider that has been in the market since the 90s. The company is respected for providing efficient and affordable services which are also reliable making it one of the best web hosts, today. They offer simple customized web packages which are popular among users.

fatcow hosting Reviews


• Limitless Disk Space
• Limitless Data Transfer
• Guaranteed 99.9% Uptime
• Guaranteed 30 Day Money Refunds
• Website Builders

FatCow has a reputation based on the company’s simplicity and easy to use features. There are pros and cons of some of these service providers and it is good to know what other customers have to say about their services before making a choice.


There have been numerous complaints about FatCow hiking their prices after the first year. Some people were lured to FatCow due to the low prices they offer, but after signing up with them, they charge extra fees for their services which the customer was not aware of initially. This is quite disappointing because the customer may have been attracted by the low prices.

Solutions are sold at additional fees costing more in the long-run than expected. You cannot renew the account manually and when they renew the account automatically, they charge you much higher 2-3 times the original price. They even charge your account before the first year lapses. When you cancel they charge extra charges which you had paid for originally, during sign-up and worse still, fail to refund your money or they delay the refunds giving excuses when you contact them.

Customer Service

Customer service is good with some clients saying they were impressed by their response initially. However, there are many customers who keep contacting them due to the change in prices and the extra charges which are not attended to. Response is slow keeping you on hold for too long or the customer support fails to respond.

Sales Department

There are complaints about hidden charges. Refunds take too long and they charge high cancellation fees and this is not clearly stated during sign-in.

Technical Support

FatCow tech support is responsive in some issues but slow in setting up hosting. Resolving problems takes too long and some customers have to cancel the services. This complicates things further because refunds take longer than the time expected. They have even cancelled earlier than the due date for some clients. FatCow may be good for beginners who do not have a lot of traffic to their websites. Once traffic increases servers slow down or there is unnecessary downtime when the sites are offline completely or they take too long to load due to overloaded servers. They should resolve downtime issues promptly.

Some customers have complained that FatCow deletes their websites or blogs with no backups. The information is lost and there is no recovery. When you ask for backups they say they are not available. This is very disappointing because you can lose a lot of data which has accumulated for many years.

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  • Brandon

    I contacted the Moo Crew and I was surprised by the way they are enthusiastic about solving problems. FatCow has been providing efficient and affordable services to us for our medium businesses. I particularly like the way they offer simple customized web packages at reasonable prices. We used the site builders to create our websites. As a company we were attracted to FatCow because of their simplicity and easy to use features. I like their tech support they are responsive and fast but there are times they are unable to solve complex issues.

    posted by Brandon Wednesday, 25 April 2012 22:47 Comment Link
  • Dylan

    I got to know about FatCow from customers’ testimonials and I bought the Minimoo package for a personal website and I can say that I find the plan limited in its application. Since I am a beginner I do not mind it once I know more and get to advanced stages I will upgrade the plan. I am fine with what I am getting now especially the cheap price which one cannot get elsewhere.
    I am a college student studying I.T. and this suits my needs for now. The price is affordable for me and I have introduced FatCow to other students as well because I am happy with their services.

    posted by Dylan Monday, 06 February 2012 05:36 Comment Link
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