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Fasthosts Reviews
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Fasthost Internet Limited is a UK-based company which has been providing hosting service as Fasthosts, its brand name.

fasthosts hosting Reviews


• VPS hosting
• Cloud Computing
• Dedicated servers
• Reseller Hosting
• Website builder


• Web hosting from 2.49 pounds per month with Unlimited Bandwidth, Website Builder, hosting Multiple Websites and Exchange Email included in this plan.
• Virtual Servers from 14.99 pounds/month with Cloud Computing, Custom Configuration and no contract required for this flexible package.
• Dedicated Servers from 19.50 pounds/month with up to 32 Core, 64 GB RAM, SSD technology and 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

Email exchange is free for 2 months and thereafter from 1.39 pounds/month. This feature comes with Outlook 2010 interface, 100% Exchange Mail, Spam and Virus protection among other benefits.

• Reseller hosting is 19.99 pounds/month enabling users to host multiple websites for their clients
• Registering UK domain names for 10 years is from 2.95 pounds per year
• 10.00 pounds/month for online Backup

We found out that Fasthosts service is slow and unreliable. The websites go down without notice. When you call them to report a problem, they blame you for the problem saying it is your fault.

Hidden Charges

Fasthosts has a habit of charging their customers for hidden fees without giving them notice or an option to remove the service charged. They bundle the charges onto the packages and bill customers for higher amounts than they originally signed-up for. This is ridiculous because customers eventually find out that they are being charged more than they expected and they start complaining.

Cancellation Policy

Fasthosts makes it difficult for customers to cancel their contract. They tie you and hold your domain making it difficult to transfer it to another hosting company until you pay what they demand. They renew your contract before it has expired making it almost impossible for you to leave. They also charge you an unreasonable amount of money before accepting the cancellation. If you do not pay what they demand then it becomes hard to move your domains elsewhere because they hold them bullying you to pay. If you fail to pay they turn you over to a debt collection agency to force you to pay before you can move elsewhere.

No Refunds

Customers complain that Fasthosts charges their credit cards unfairly and then fail to refund the money even when it is their fault. They cannot justify some charges yet they fail to refund what they have charged.

Customer Support

The customer support reps are slow and unhelpful. When you are signing up they are very good to you but when you want to leave or you need a refund they are not helpful. They will pass you from one person to the other taking you round in circles. If they have your credit card details, they will charge it 30 days in advance for renewal even if you do not want to renew your contract. They should let you move elsewhere freely.

Transferring domain names is slow but what is worse, after you have transferred the domains and cancelled the account, they still send you bills and demand payment for services you are no longer using. Some customers block their credit cards to avoid this.

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  • Gavin

    Worst Cancellation Policy
    I bought Fasthosts VPS packages and hosted all my 25 domains with them. I had a problem with the DNS email account right away and it took 4 days to get this problem resolved. They could not even configure the VPS and I had to tell them what to do. Thereafter, whenever there was a problem the technicians kept blaming me and my group for the problem saying it is our fault even after explaining the problems in great detail. Luckily, we could do most of the things ourselves.
    Fasthosts has a way of ripping off extra money thinking customers won’t notice. They add hidden costs to your invoice which is a rip-off and I suppose they will find themselves in trouble if they continue to do this. I was disappointed with them for charging me services I did not use so I tried cancelling the account. They charged me for another full 2 year contract however much I told them I did not want to renew taking away 72 pounds from my credit card. They will charge you unwillingly and use their own tactics making it so hard for you to move elsewhere unless you pay the money they ask which makes their services expensive. If you refuse to pay they turn you over to a debt collection agency.
    You should be careful with them because they are good at extorting money from customers. Avoid them. Stay away at all costs. Don’t be misled by their adverts.
    I would not recommend them.

    posted by Gavin Friday, 23 November 2012 06:14 Comment Link
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