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Egnyte Reviews
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Egnyte Reviews2.60 out of 50 based on 10 voters.

Egnyte is located in Mountain View, California and was formed to provide on-demand infrastructure for businesses which include home offices, multi-offices and enterprises. It provides cloud-based storage solutions of files, documents and folders using existing infrastructure and mobile devices such as iPads and smartphones. The plans range from $15/month upwards.

egnyte hosting Reviews

The service enables you to access, store, share and backup your files easily using Egnyte software through your desktop and via the Web. The solution enables off-site backup. You can upload any size of files there is no limit it is UNLIMITED. This is a great service for businesses, professionals and organizations. Egnyte has taken a different approach to storage and file management that is gaining popularity due to its flexibility and file protection.

With Egnyte apps you can Access, Store and Share files with your clients from anywhere using your mobile device. The Egnyte Android app has this capability. You can-:

• Access files and view them on a mobile device
• Create, edit, search and save documents
• Store and share files securely using email attachments or links
• Download files on a mobile device which you can use offline
• Synchronize files from a mobile device from a computer
• There are permission controls which ensure only authorized users get access to the files

Egnyte has made accessibility of local files online possible. You can easily reach them and share with others. The company doesn’t limit the size of files that can be shared. They also have the best file security and controls which ensure protection of data.

We found the interface easy to use providing continuous file synchronization between storage (either virtual or network-based) and PCs & mobile devices as well as providing security controls.
The centralized administration ensures control and security of data by IT managers who are able to enforce business rules and policies through this centralized position. They also set user accessibility permissions so unauthorized users are not able to access the files.
Local files which were once inaccessible can now be accessed and shared even remotely. Users can now share them with business partners, employees and customers using PCs and mobile devices.
The service provides similar enterprise-level security for files stored in the cloud as well as those stored locally.

Egnyte HybridCloud File Server for Enterprises

We found that Egnyte ensures enhanced security and simplicity with its Hybrid File Server and this removes complexity from a service that is cost-effective. The service is offered at competitive rates which is affordable for most small and medium-sized businesses.

This service enables you to-:

• Access and share the files on any device from anywhere both online and offline
• Share files with your business partners and clients, and within the offices with employees
• Safely backup files in cloud
• Store and control data from a central location
We found out that the service is fast and it took about 5 minutes to get things running.
The Egnyte HybridCloud is composed of-:
• Egnyte Cloud File Server
• Egnyte Local Cloud which is a private or local component
The private/local Cloud constantly synchronizes the data between the hosted cloud and the local cloud.

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  • Samuel

    Expensive Service
    We have decided not to renew our contract with Egnyte because of our experience with them which made us conclude that this service is suitable for SMSs that do not have large files to load. When the loading exceeds a certain level it becomes slow and unstable with unnecessarily crawling. Fortunately the service has online data backups and one does not worry about that.
    Setup is easy and features are user-friendly. However, Egnyte can become quite expensive. We are supposed to register as ‘’Power Users’’ when we need to access local files on their NAS device although we are ‘’Standard Users’’. This is quite expensive and they should allow us standard users to access the files without paying more. This requirement is a bit restrictive for us since we are on a budget although their features are impressive. We wish they can just remove this requirement and allow ‘’Standard” customers who are also on NAS network to access local files.
    This is a great solution because we can share files with our remote clients who dot use laptops.

    posted by Samuel Tuesday, 26 February 2013 19:48 Comment Link
  • Tyler

    We are pleased with the functionality of Egnyte solutions because we can access the files and share them with our clients from our remote offices using VPN. We ensure that we have controls and user permissions for access so the data does not fall into the wrong hands.
    Our company has been using Egnyte and we cannot over-emphasize the fact that the service does not lock the files hosted properly. When we lock our files and then unlock them, there is overwriting on the files by other Egnyte PLC users which is frustrating to say the least. Although the company advertises file-locking capability this does not happen. The overwriting of files happens during synchronization and the data is written in a different version than the original one which in effect undermines our work not to mention the regular downtimes we experience.
    I called support to explain the problem but they keep promising to fix this problem but they haven’t.

    posted by Tyler Sunday, 16 December 2012 16:21 Comment Link
  • Jonathan

    Pleased with Service
    We have a business account and Egnyte helps us to store and share files with our business partners, employees and clients. We have gained by having to replace multiple FTP sites with one integrated solution which makes management and maintenance easier than before. We can now upload and share our large files easily and be able to access the files offline when we are in the field.
    The sharing of files functionality is comprehensive but also expensive. The prices are on the higher side and this is a limiting factor for us who are on an IT budget right now.
    Egnyte has great features which are regularly updated but they should concentrate on what they do best and that is backup files, which is easy and straight-forward for the end user. The Unlimited storage at $15/month is very attractive. When I am mobile I use Android app to access clients’ folders and files ad share them with my employees who live remotely without requiring a server which is amazing. I look forward to what they have in the future hoping they will go on improving the products.

    posted by Jonathan Friday, 27 July 2012 11:51 Comment Link
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