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EasySpace Reviews
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EasySpace Reviews2.13 out of 50 based on 15 voters.

EasySpace is a UK-based hosting service provider that is growing fast in this hosting industry. The company manages six data centers of its own. They provide Cloud hosting platform and VPS hosting among their services. Their packages come with a free website builder, one-click script installation and customizable designs among other features. You can get web design services in UK.

easyspace hosting Reviews


• Free Top-level Domain
• Cloud Hosting
• VPS Hosting
• Domain Name Search and Transfer
• Whois Privacy
• Web Design (UK)
• Customizable designs
• One-click Script Installations
• Free Website Builder/Mobile Web Builder
• Microsoft Exchange
• Mail Filtering
• 100% Network Uptime


• Webhosting starting from $ 3.22/month
• Dedicated Servers from $ 80.52/month
The cheapest hosting package includes the following-:
• a free TLD
• 20 GB Web space
• unlimited bandwidth
• Backup
• 5 domain names
• 200 email accounts
• 5 MySQL Databases

We found out that EasySpace does not have the latest WordPress version and users feel disappointed when they discover that they have no choice but to use the older version for blogging. From my own experience I found out that the latest PHP version which is provided by many webhosting providers is lacking in EasySpace packages. In this competitive hosting industry you need to have packages which are well-equipped with a wide range of features and capabilities otherwise you cannot retain customers who will be attracted by what competitors offer.

Dedicated Servers

Their dedicated servers include Starter Servers, Budget Servers, Business Servers as well as Pro Servers so users have a wide choice. Email service includes Microsoft Exchange and Mail Filtering capabilities.

Control Panel

The cloud control panel has many capabilities and from my own experience I found the control panel easy to use and the hosting prices reasonable for the features they provide. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel the auto-renew contract from the control panel and this makes cancellation of services a big deal. They auto-renew contracts 30 days before the date for renewal.

Customer Support

The customer support is slow whether you contact them on phone or live chat. You have to wait for hours before anyone picks the phone. It takes 24 hours to respond to issues and another 24 hours to upgrade which keeps users anxious. Most of the issues are passed to the 2nd line superiors. This delays solutions unnecessarily since the support reps are powerless to help resolve many issues even basic ones. The ticketing system is also slow. EasySpace should improve their customer support which is an area of discontentment from what their customers say.

Hidden Charges and Auto-Renew

From our view, EasySpace have hidden fees which they charge customers without their knowledge. It is important to read the fine print to find what additional charges they may have before you sign-up. But customers are a bit weary of the auto-renewal of their terms which happens 30 days in advance before the due date locking them in.

There are free trials which come with the hosting plans but they turn them into upgrades automatically without warning charging customers extra fees after sign-up. Bundling up these services onto the hosting packages makes users feel frustrated.

They load additional services like shopping carts, mail filter etc. without customers requesting for them and then they charge them for that and they will not refund the money. They do not give customers an option to have or not have them in their packages. They cancel hosting and email accounts and continue to charge users for cancelled services even when they are not using the services.

EasySpace should stop charging hidden fees and automatic renews without giving customers an option because these are the main areas of customer complaints. They should sort these things out.

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  • Benjamin

    Worst Cancellation Practices
    When EasySpace was a small company they were fine and that is why I had an account with them for 4 years. Somehow things started worsening so I cancelled my contract with them but I am still with them because they locked me in. They auto-renewed my account for another year, 30 days in advance and that was before the due date. This is strange. They charged my account one full month before the renewal date so they can tie me into another contract unwillingly. Worse still, it is not possible to cancel the auto-renew on their control panel so I had to call support several times.
    They have the worst payment collection service I have ever experienced. They charged my credit card ONE MONTH in advance before the due date, instead of waiting for the actual date. They did not send any notification not even an email to let me know that they were about to charge my credit card.
    I called them (this has to be during working hours) and asked for a refund because this was wrong charging me much earlier than the renewal date even before sending an invoice. They refused to refund the money and I have to remain with them for one full year. When you need to cancel be cautious and call support 2 months in advance otherwise they will trap you to stay on. Stay Away from them
    I do not recommend them to anyone.

    posted by Benjamin Wednesday, 27 February 2013 01:10 Comment Link
  • Gabriel

    Customer Support is Painfully Slow
    EasySpace used to be a good hosting provider but they have changed. Customer support at EasySpace is what lets them down. Right now my site has been down and I am losing some of the clients I have hosted on their servers but support is unreachable. Resolving things takes a long time. When I get an operator on the line they refer me to the next-level support and this is delaying the solution unnecessarily.
    It does not matter what the company promises if they have no support to resolve issues then that is bad enough. The support reps may be polite but they are powerless so they pass your case to the next in line. Response from the 2nd line support takes 24 hours. Ticketing system response also takes too long even for basic issues which can be resolved promptly. I wish EasySpace can improve these delay times things would be better.
    EasySpace promises 100% uptime but don’t be fooled, this is not the case.
    They offered free trials and additional services in their packages which I could not cancel. They then auto-renewed the services and charged me hidden fees which I was not aware of when I was signing up. They should let people know what to expect from their services to avoid disappointment. When I called them which took many hours to go through, they referred me to their Terms and Conditions.
    I would not recommend EasySpace to anyone.

    posted by Gabriel Friday, 07 September 2012 11:39 Comment Link
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