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CoolHandle Reviews
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CoolHandle is a hosting company that is based in California and it manages a large data center to ensure reliability and security of its servers. The company has a Partner Program and a Green Energy Policy while they offer a wide range of features within their hosting options. All the plans come with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 free domain name and free setup. The hosting provider runs on the CentOS operating system and has a 30-day money back guarantee.

coolhandle hosting Reviews


• Free Domain Name and Free Setup
• Unlimited add-on domains
• Unlimited Disk Space and Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Transfer of Domains, Databases, Files and Scripts
• Cloud Linux Hosting
• VPS Hosting
• Reseller Hosting
• Free site builder
• cPanel Control Panel
• DNS Management
• Instant Backup and Restore
• CentOS Operating System
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

CoolHandle supports the following-:

• Support for WordPress, phpMyAdmin, Joomla, etc.
• OSCommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart shopping carts
• Shared or Private SSL, PayPal Payments
• SSH/Shell Access
• CGI/Big Access
• FTP and HTTPS Access etc.
• Webhosting starts at $ 3.95/month
• VPS hosting starts at $ 29.95/month
• Dedicated servers start at $ 59.95/month

We found out that CoolHandle offers 3 hosting plans unlike other web hosts that offer an all-inclusive plan for all users while others offer a wide range of plans with similar services making it hard for customers to make their choices. The prices are widespread ranging from the cheapest plan to the most comprehensive hosting plan.

All the plans come with free setup.

• Starter Plan at $ 3.95 with Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 Free Domain Name, 5 Domains allowed, 5 Parked Domains and 5 FTP Accounts.
• Business Plan at $ 10.95 with Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 Free Domain Name, 100 Domains allowed 100 Parked Domains, 100 FTP Accounts and IP Address at $ 4.99.
• Pro Plan at $ 12.95 with Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 Free Domain Name, Unlimited Domains allowed, Unlimited Parked Domains, Unlimited FTP Accounts and Free IP Address.
CoolHandle customers can either scale down or upgrade the hosting plans without hassles depending on their needs. Their packages vary from the cheapest that goes for $3.95/mo, a VPS hosting plan for $29.95 and dedicated servers for $59.95/mo so anyone can choose the option they can afford although the capabilities vary.

The service supports Fantastico, Image Gallery, PHP 5, CGI, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, MySQL Databases and PayPal payments among others.
All the hosting plans come with the CloudFlare One-Click CDN service.


125% Green Hosting
CoolHandle has a Green Energy Policy in which they pledge that, they will purchase Renewable Energy Credits worth 125% of the energy used in order to reduce carbon footprint. The company also uses energy-saving hardware and equipment to ensure energy efficiency and conservation of the environment.

Partner Program

For clients with unique requirements that do not fit within the 3 plans, CoolHandle has a Partner Program within which the particular needs of these clients are met. There are many online case studies which showcase these special clients and how CoolHandle has met their needs.


The company has partnered with CloudFLare to offer fast and reliable service which is well-secured. We found their uptime to be above average although it is not well supported by a helpful customer support team which is a disadvantage for users. Many of their customers complain that the customer support is unhelpful and their phone numbers are always busy making it hard to get someone to help.

Free SEO Package

Search engine optimization is charged expensively by SEO firms and consultants but it is offered free of charge by CoolHandle. This is valuable to users some of who may not know how to optimize websites for search engines and it applies to all hosting plans. If you want your website to get noticed by online traffic you need to optimize keywords and content so the website can be ranked on top of search engine ranking results and you should strive to be placed on the first page so any SEO assistance is appreciated.

E-Commerce Capabilities

CoolHandle offers OSCommerce, ZenCart, CubeCart shopping carts and they all come with free shared SSL certificates but private SSL is also available. You can be able to accept PayPal payments among other benefits. This is in addition to SSH/Shell Access.


Although CoolHandle offers fast service it is always good to weigh the pros against the cons. During our research we found out that the hosting service provider has certain limitations which customers need to know before hosting with them. These include-:

Limitations stated on the Terms of Service: Their Terms of Service spell out limitations that you should be aware of before buying their packages.
• They only host multi-media sites on condition that 80% of audio, video and images are hosted from elsewhere which discourages users with media-rich sites. This has an effect of servers being fast but some multimedia users may find the limitations restrictive for their needs.
• They restrict any IRC or chat-room on their systems. This is not allowed at all.
• They have other prohibitions i.e. software distribution which they allow only on some cases.

Somehow, the company sends mixed messages which are confusing so users are not sure what multi-media functions they offer. Some users opt for web hosting services that are not so restrictive.

Limited Domains for Basic Plan: Many web hosts offer many unlimited features for the basic plans while CoolHandle only offers a limit of 5 domains with the basic plan and 100 domains with the VPS hosting plan. Although this is more than enough for many users, competing web hosts offer unlimited domains with even their cheapest package. If you need more than 5 domains with the most affordable basic plan you might need to move elsewhere although you have to weigh this against the benefits they offer.

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  • Jamie

    I bought the basic web hosting package from CoolHandle and launched my site but I am sorry to state that, I would never host with them again. I was late for payment unknowingly and instead of sending me notification to alert me I found out that they had shut down my email accounts without warning making them inaccessible. Their customer support is not helpful and no one seems to be responsible.
    When I had all these problems, I phoned support and the number was either busy or they would refer me to another support rep taking me round in circles which would delay fixing of the problem unnecessarily. When I submitted my ticket they told me they would act on it ‘’as soon as possible’’ but this did not happen and I had to keep on calling them. Although things have been resolved after a lot of effort on my side, things are still not working as they should because my emails are down at random.
    Many web hosts I had hosted with previously offer unlimited domains while CoolHandle has a limit of 5 domains on their cheapest hosting plan. There is also some confusion about the multi-media terms because what the sales team tells you is not what the legal team tells you. Instead of having most of the multi-media functions hosted from other websites I prefer to host them with a hosting provider that will accommodate all my videos, audio and images without limitations.
    Finally, I can say that I am not satisfied with their services and I would not recommend them.

    posted by Jamie Sunday, 14 October 2012 03:06 Comment Link
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