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Codero Reviews
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Codero Reviews3.88 out of 50 based on 32 voters.

Codero has been providing quality dedicated hosting and managed hosting optimized infrastructure to small and medium-sized businesses and striving towards efficiency. It was formed as part of but has emerged as an independent company that is recognized for its dedicated servers, superior reliability and outstanding I.T. performance.

codero hosting Reviews


Codero has in-depth knowledge of solutions which is unmatched by many web hosting providers today. The company has retained the support and technical team that has over 16 years hosting experience. The staff that is highly creative is the same that enabled to climb the ladder to be an industry leader.

Main Features

The company has powerful servers located in its two data centers that make their services reliable. They provide flexible solutions and attractive features at reasonable prices.
• Cloud Hosting
• Powered by 100% GREEN energy
• High-performance servers
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• 24/7 live U.S-based Support
• Linux/Unix Servers
• Windows Servers
• Cisco, Intel
• PCI Compliant
• 24/7 Network Monitoring

Editors have rated Codero superior solutions, reliability and pricing highly followed by setup and uptime. They provide their clients with unmetered bandwidth and up-to-date innovations in security, infrastructure and support systems. There are not many hosting providers that are able to reach their scale although some users have sent negative reviews about their support team. They claim that the superior products are not matched with superior support otherwise this company would have attained higher levels than they are enjoying.


The Codero dedicated servers are powered by 100% GREEN energy. All the servers support high volume, multi-media, multi-tasking, apps availability and virtualization. The company provides capacity and quality services that many small and medium-sized businesses require, to ensure that they establish themselves in the online marketplace and be able to compete with others in the marketplace.
The company ensures that they provide their customers with updated server components and hardware to meet demand. They provide a flexible platform that will provide room for growth and customers can make their preferred choice of e-Commerce features, control panels and additional services.


Codero provides fast and secure service having installed high-performance Dell servers and Intel processors that are backed by server network monitoring, power backups and security. They offer discounts on surplus servers when supplies allow. Codero has proved to be serious about customer satisfaction by providing reliable service.
They guarantee 99.9% uptime on all their dedicated servers which are monitored 24/7/365. They promise 100% hardware functioning except during routine maintenance and refund 5% which is credited to the client’s next month bill if network failure causes downtime for more than 1 hour.

Data Centers

Codero owns all the technology and infrastructure within their data centers and they ensure that there is 24/7 network monitoring to ensure efficiency and reliability. The servers are high-performers and this can be proved by their 99.9% uptime guarantee which is genuine and a commitment to refund and compensate for any downtimes. This is exceptional and quite intriguing.

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  • Dillon

    Their custom service is bad. In fact they are horrible. They don’t seem to know that they are earning their pay because of the customer. They do not care about the customer and instead, they talk to them rudely. I experienced this when I hosted with them and after my term was over I wanted to transfer my sites to a cheap web host.
    They automatically billed me for the following year and charged my credit card with that amount. Be cautious do not leave them with your credit card information you will be surprised when you find it charged without your authorization. Not Recommended.

    posted by Dillon Friday, 01 March 2013 21:03 Comment Link
  • Mia

    One of their requirements is that you have to give them a 7-day notice before cancellation. I was their customer for 5 years paying for the servers regularly, but they don’t know anything about retaining customers. During the time I was with them I was a loyal customer but this was nothing to them when I was leaving. I cancelled the contract by phone and gave the 7-day notice but they said I had to cancel it online. By the time I did this which was 6 days before expiry date they billed me for another full month despite being their loyal customer previously.

    posted by Mia Wednesday, 27 February 2013 20:55 Comment Link
  • Kara

    I moved from my previous web host expecting Codero to be better. As I write this my dedicated server is down with no connectivity. When I contacted technical support there was no one there and yet they claim to have 24/7/365 support. I feel desperate when there is no one to answer my phone.
    I then emailed them but they did not respond so I was left in the dark expecting them to get back to me but they didn’t. This is unbelievable. As much as I liked their features I had no choice but to leave which was really bad. I hope they will invest in staff training.

    posted by Kara Saturday, 02 February 2013 19:11 Comment Link
  • Marcos

    I have been hosting with Codero for some time now and I plan to stay with them. Their servers are reliable and their hosting service is high-quality. Their service is efficient according to my server needs and I have not experienced outages so far. When I have issues I fill the tickets and response comes promptly.
    I am a loyal customer of Codero and I plan to continue enjoying their superior service in the future. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a serious web hosting provider.

    posted by Marcos Thursday, 17 January 2013 09:18 Comment Link
  • Aden

    We purchased dedicated servers from Codero for our e-Commerce sites at low prices. Although their prices are cheap compared to other web hosts there are downtimes which cost us more. The servers go down every 2 months for about 2 days in a row and when we ask them for compensation credits they ignore that issue. I can say that we save a lot when we subscribe with this service provider but we experience more losses than the savings, when the servers go down.
    When the servers go down it becomes difficult to contact support and when you do get through they bombard you with apologies and explanations.
    You can host with this company if you will not be affected by the outages but do not expect credits from them.

    posted by Aden Sunday, 28 October 2012 01:01 Comment Link
  • Taylor

    Codero staff team is not consistent. When I bought my packages each of the sales reps I dealt with would tell you something and then do something else contrary to what they had said. At one time I purchased a server and upgraded the hosting plan. Usually, when you upgrade to another plan the earlier plan is automatically cancelled. They told me to pay for the original plan and promised to offset the price of the new plan against the refund which they did not do. I called customer support to clarify this issue but they were of no help.
    They did not cancel my earlier plan but continued to bill me for 2 plans at the same time each of which costs $3500. The billing reps were rude to me when I tried to explain to them the problem. I had to cancel the original plan officially although this is not common practice with other web hosts.
    I can say that customer support at Codero is useless and most times they ignore your requests unless it has to do with paying them more money.

    posted by Taylor Sunday, 21 October 2012 04:22 Comment Link
  • Braylon

    The company reps allure you to sign for automatic billing and then bill you without your consent.
    Beware of their automatic billing before you lose your money like we did. We purchased 2 dedicated servers with Codero Hosting but unfortunately our website was hacked. This was a security risk and so we decided to cancel our contract with them. We transferred our domains to a more secure web hosting provider but Codero refused to cancel the contract and what surprised us most is that they billed us for the following year. They knew we had been hacked and instead of compensating us they billed us for a whole year which is over $2000 without our consent. We cannot trust their service or their customer support.

    posted by Braylon Saturday, 22 September 2012 03:04 Comment Link
  • Mateo

    Codero is the best choice for those who are looking for dedicated servers or managed hosting. I realized this when I hosted with them and I would sincerely recommend them to others. I started hosting with this provider in January and I am pleased with their services. I was lucky to have got a coupon code so I received a 40% discount so I paid a cheap price which I would not get elsewhere. My small business website is running smoothly this far. I am grateful for the way Codero Hosting staff helped me set it up and I will stay with them. I certainly recommend them.

    posted by Mateo Friday, 07 September 2012 09:23 Comment Link
  • Logan

    I can say that the technical support is not well-trained to handle Codero Hosting superior products. Such a company needs professional staff to service the products they provide.
    We have hosted our sites on their servers but there are some times the speed goes down and other times it is OK. When tech support reports that they are doing routine maintenance it means that the server will go down and remain that way for some time. I find them to be more reliable than other web hosts but I wish that the technical support reps are more professional than this.

    posted by Logan Saturday, 23 June 2012 16:20 Comment Link
  • Abigail

    This is my favorite dedicated hosting provider and I am their loyal customer.
    The servers are fast and I have transferred all my 20 domains here. I used to have VPS plans but I found this to be insufficient for my needs. I paid for Codero dedicated servers and except for those short downtimes expected everywhere, I am happy with their efficiency. The servers are reliable and I cannot ask for more. I am their loyal customer and they are the best. Keep it up.
    Previously, I had hosted with several other web hosts but some were unreliable while others tried to extort money from me. I am very pleased with Codero I am here to stay.

    posted by Abigail Saturday, 02 June 2012 22:00 Comment Link
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