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BigCommerce Reviews
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BigCommerce is a well established e-Commerce SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that was founded in 2008 based on Interspire licensed e-Commerce software platform. Since then, it has grown to what it is today, a popular and easy-to-use shopping cart solution which has earned recognition. The service provides solutions in a simplified way and they make it easy for you to succeed by hosting your online store. They handle most of the work for you which include hosting your store, management of servers, uploading files etc. All you need to do is setup your site, upload your products and start selling right away without hassles.

bigcommerce Reviews


• 30 day free trial (no credit card is required)
• No setup fee
• Drag-and-drop feature
• Free attractive and professional templates
• Mobile Template
• Search Engine Optimization
• Sell on Amazon, Facebook and eBay
• Free Adwords
• Gift certificates and coupons
• Returns Management Policy
• Inventory control and order management
You can try out BigCommerce by utilizing the 30 day free trial. You will be able to setup everything quickly even if you are a beginner because it is easy and straight-forward.
Big Commerce Plans and Prices
• Bronze is $24.95/month-100 products, 2 GB Bandwidth, 200 MB Storage, $50 Free Adwords
• Silver is $39.95/month-500 products, 3 GB Bandwidth, 300 MB Storage, $50 Free Adwords
• Gold is $79.95/month-1000 products, 5 GB Bandwidth, 500 MB Storage, $75 Free Adwords
• Platinum is $149.95/month-Unlimited products, 15 GB Bandwidth, 1 GB Storage, $100 Free Adwords
• Diamond is $299.95/month-Unlimited products, 45 GB Bandwidth, 3 GB Storage, $100 Free Adwords
All the above plans include all the features and you can sign-up for the free trial without using your credit card.


You have complete control of the design of your online store and you can customize the templates and make modifications of HTML/CSS as you find fit.
The BigCommerce administration interface is easy to use even for users who do not have much HTML/CSS knowledge and for people who are new in the hosting field. Managing you online business becomes easy for you when you use their interface which is adaptable to mobile phones and gadgets so their customers can shop on the go.
The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for users to design their online stores and move things around the web pages, which is a great advantage. This capability gives you full control of creating and adjusting your site to your satisfaction even if you have little tech knowledge. You don’t need to learn programming to be able to do this because it is easy and straight-forward.
All the plans have the same features and no setup fees. The only difference is that the features are provided on different levels which depend on the plan you choose.
BigCommerce update software frequently and this automatically updates your site, so you don’t have to concern yourself with that.
SEO is one of the company’s main targets making their solutions Search Engine Friendly for users.
The company has a powerful API which is quite flexible making integration with MailChimp, oLark, iContact and third-party software possible.


BigCommerce may have e-Commerce features but it does not have marketing features like daily offers and loyalty programs although they have automated email marketing features, gift certificates, coupons and Facebook and eBay selling capabilities.
Support is unreliable some of the time. They are hesitant to help in matters that relate to Quickbooks Systems, Variations and Product Options. Many people may not have a problem with any of these but if you do it is better to ring them directly than post your issues on the forums.
There is no uptime guarantee, no multi-language support and fraud prevention is outsourced to a third party.
The company does not have B2B support and it becomes difficult creating wholesale logins for customers. Those who need to provide support for retail and wholesale accounts should avoid using this service.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting ranked on top of search engine ranking results like Google makes your products get noticed by online traffic and this is a big step towards success. BigCommerce helps with SEO by structuring your site for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and in a way that will help you site rise on search engine rankings. This is the easiest way to sell your products or services online.

Selling on Facebook and eBay Capability

BigCommerce is a good platform to power your online e-Commerce store using the host of features they provide. They create a tab on your Facebook page to showcase your products which should help you sell them to your fans and the online community.
You can also manage your eBay account from the administration section that is provided on your online store. This involves selling the products, invoicing, shipping, inventory control and other capabilities.

Flexible Photo Display

The BigCommerce Flexible Photo Display feature is a good base for the success of your online store because shoppers buy what they see. The shoppers can view the images from different angles and zoom to larger sizes to see them better. The Image Zoom capability enables you to display photos of your products in the best way to be able to attract online traffic to purchase the products. Many shoppers are attracted to products by the photos displayed.


The prices are affordable. You can start with the lowest offer and upgrade to higher tiers as business picks. The top-notch interface is easy to use while the features are simplistic but the tech-savvy find them lacking and prefer to move to solutions that have rich features. However, BigCommerce has what many users may require to start and run an online store and that is why it is gaining popularity. They have complete features that are well-supported to drive your store to success making it profitable for you. There are even email alerts for shoppers who have abandoned the shopping carts without completing purchases.

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  • William

    Some Features are Lacking
    For me BigCommerce shopping cart has many of the features I need for my eCommerce store especially due to the fact that so far they do not have caps on server resources. If they introduce limitations there are some customers who will be affected negatively. The company is great for those who are interested in creating a basic store but may not be satisfactory for anyone who needs comprehensive solutions with several add-ons and in-depth product features.
    The only problem is that many of their templates are not updated. They need more in-built Web 2.0 templates for us to be able to create professionally-looking e-Commerce stores. They should provide a large variety of templates like the ones found at Magento or X-cart so people can have a wider choice.
    If you are a small online business that does not require in-depth solutions then BigCommerce is cost-effective. For now BigCommerce is only suitable for those who have simple stores with only hundreds of products. The company does not provide bulk customization of URLs so you are required to re-write URLs on each product and if you have thousands of products the work can be tedious since it is done manually.
    If you have many products that you wish to sell online you need more than BigCommerce features.

    posted by William Saturday, 05 January 2013 19:52 Comment Link
  • Anthony

    Good Service but Bad Customer Support
    I have been having an account with BigCommerce for 2 years and I find their drag-and-drop site builder easy to use. By using this feature, I was able to setup my e-Commerce sites without hassles and I am able to move things around the web pages as I like which makes my work much easier. I also appreciate the fact that I don’t have to worry about outages for the time being or excessive usage on servers which is a great concern for those of us who have e-Commerce stores. I can say that, I have not had downtimes which are beyond reasonable time.
    BigCommerce is great for people who want to build their web pages and manage them without worrying about hacking since they handle that. But I found out that they lack some features which are found in other shopping cart solutions that charge similar prices. Although they have more features than Shopify users with technical skills may find them lacking certain capabilities. These limitations make tech gurus say that this is a good starting point for online businesses but not good for them. They prefer licensed solutions which they can use to create their own custom designs.
    Customer service should be improved it’s a pain to many customers. I had bad experiences with them and this is frustrating. The reps are arrogant and avoid dealing with certain issues.
    If you are a technical specialist this may not be the right solution for you.

    posted by Anthony Tuesday, 27 November 2012 11:12 Comment Link
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