5 SEO Tips for Picking a Keyword Rich Domain Name

5 SEO Tips for Picking a Keyword Rich Domain Name
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Picking a domain name that is best for your site can be confusing especially if you are new in this field. A domain name or website address is what sets your online business apart from the rest. Keyword rich domain names easily stick on people’s minds helping them to understand and identify the name, search on search engines and remember the name easily. These customers will return for repeat business when you win their loyalty and they will share the domain name with others. Choosing the perfect keyword rich domain name as a search engine optimization SEO strategy, is key to success.
Start with the Right Domain Name if you want to be Successful.

1. Optimize your Domain Name for SEO

If you want your website to generate traffic, start with the right keyword-based domain name from the start. Make it search engine-friendly to gain from SERPs. Follow these tips to optimize your domain name for SEO and you will succeed. 4search engines
Use the Popular .com if available. is the most popular and the most sought after domain name extension so far. It is professional and has been used for many years now, so you cannot go wrong with it. .com is the highest top-level-domain extension used today and has the potential of branding and promoting your site to high levels of success. Make Dot-com your #1 choice because many people who browse the internet assume that all websites have a .com extension. Do not make a mistake of using unpopular domain extensions which will not be able to market your site. If the website you have chosen is not available create a Dot-com domain name or buy one that has been registered previously. There are many online auction websites which sell domain names which are no longer in use. You can purchase a domain name but be careful not to infringe other people’s copyrights.

2. SEO Keyword Phrase

Keyword phrases which are optimized for SEO have the potential of marketing your site and driving a regular flow of traffic to it. To know which keywords to optimize you need words that describe your website best and the ones your targeted audience is searching for, on search engines. When creating a domain name try as much as possible to use 1 or 2 popular keywords, in it. If you are web designers use i.e. ‘’’’ if it is available, make it easy for people to understand what you do and what the domain represents. Use the Google’s Keyword Analyzer to find out popular words people are searching for in your niche. Pick keywords which have a high demand. Use keywords which online visitors use most when they are searching online for the products or services you plan to offer.
At you can enter a keyword or key phrase and search to see an estimate of how many people are searching it. Then, you will know if the keyword is popular or not, among online visitors in your particular niche. Try as many words and phrases as possible. Combine words, use prefixes and suffixes or other combinations. You can refine the search by language or location to get what you need. Google will return favorable results for keyword rich domains especially if they are backed by great content which users find relevant and quality backlinks.
You can search online whether the domain name has been taken. If it has not been taken, you should register it with an accredited ICANN domain registrar and also protect it from being transferred or being used by unauthorized users.
If the domain name you have created has been taken you can do the following.

• Add a generic word to that main keyword i.e. ‘’’’ although it may not be as powerful as the original name
• Use other key phrases which are being searched on the search engines which are related to the domain name
• Buy a domain name which is available for sale although this may be an expensive option
• Use .net and .org if there is no relevant .com option available. These domain extensions are also gaining popularity.

It is also advisable to register the same domain names with the other domain extensions if you have the money to do that, so that, if customers search i.e. by mistake instead of they can always get your website.
Web blogging sites can use the company name as the domain name because other websites post blogs with several SEO keywords in them.

3. Short and Simple

A short and simple keyword phrase is easy to type and remember. When people type keywords or keyword phrases on the search engines, they type short words and phrases which they remember. Use a maximum of 15-20 characters or much shorter on the domain name otherwise anything longer than that would be hard to remember unless one writes it down somewhere. This is most unlikely for many online visitors who surf the internet every other moment.
There are not many short domain names left especially using .com, .net and .org, the popular domain extensions, but if you get one, register it fast before it is taken. There are instances where long domain names are the only choice in some businesses because altering the name might change the meaning altogether and you need to convey the right message Any variation would make the domain name lose part of its value. The domain name has to be relevant in order to describe what you do.

4. Plural Domains

There are instances whereby plural keywords have a higher chance of being searched on search engines than singular words. Conduct a keyword research using free tools like Google Adwords and you will know whether the traffic in your niche, search for singular or plural words and then use what will drive visitors to your site.

5. Don’t Use Dashes

Never use any dashes on your domain name because it is likely that your customers will forget them and the dashes also weaken SEO potential of the key phrase. It would also be confusing when giving it out verbally or reading it out to someone on phone. Some people try to use dashes but the customers forget where the dashes were supposed to be and they may give up and abandon the search on the search engines. Dashes are therefore not user-friendly.

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