Picking a Great Domain Name

Picking a Great Domain Name
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Picking the right domain name for your website determines success. This may prove to be harder than what most people expect since the domain name they want may not be available. Most domain names in any niche have been bought and registered, previously. But by using the tips below you will find that, you can still find or create a domain name that will become a favorite. Online success begins with picking a great domain name. This helps to promote your site online and give you a web presence that beats competition.

A domain name is used to represent the website in a memorable way. This helps customers to identify your website in the internet among the millions of sites already hosted. You will need to take your time to choose or create the most suitable domain name for your site. A great website with the best domain name will market your products or services and determine success if you follow the following guidelines.

Match the Domain Name with Your Website Name

Naming your website same as the domain name you select, is important because customers will know where to get your products or services by typing your URL on the browser. You should therefore choose a domain name that identifies your business and the products or services you sell i.e. "". This will generate traffic to the site for those looking for sportswear. When you choose a unique, short and simple domain name and make it your website name people will remember it easily and click to your website without much effort. This can be a word, a few words joined together or a phrase. Facebook is a combination of two short words. If the site name is different from the domain, your customers may forget the URL and type the site name. You will lose this traffic and potential repeat business sales.

Successful brands use unique domain names like "Google" and "twitter" which have become popular among their customers who use these names to identify them and what they offer. You should play around with words mixing vowels with consonants to create words which are easy to roll out of the mouth. Other words are catchy visually but quite intriguing i.e. "SEOmoz" which engages the audience making an impact on them. These names become easy for them to remember because of the advertisements the companies use in their marketing campaigns.

Make use of Keywords

Brainstorm keywords and phrases which your targeted audience is searching for in the search engines while they are looking for similar products and services like the ones you are selling. Keywords will boost your rankings on the search engines. Check the strategies your competitors are using. Every type of business in any niche has main words which are relevant to that field. Conduct keyword research to find out the best words that are relevant to your business. List them down. Use one or two of these words in the domain name you select or use search tools found in many sites like DOMAIN.COM, Domain Tools, and to combine the words and to find potential names that are available. Some people use several keywords to make it easy for prospective customers to track them online.

Keep it as Short as You Can

A short domain name is easy to remember, pronounce and type. To generate traffic to your site, you need a name that people can remember off-head. This will make it easy for them to type it on the browser when they want information. Make pronouncing the name easy for them so they can share it with others verbally. But, do not compromise quality with shortness. Always have a balance between the company name or brand and the length of the domain. If you are selling Mountain Homes in a particular location it is always good to state the name of the location in the domain name. This can be something like "" or a similar name.

This may be longer than you would have wanted but if that is what most people are searching for, these clients are likely to find your site and boost your sales. If you shorten the name to "" many people may not understand what you are selling unless you market the mountain homes with the full domain name including the .com TLD. The domain name you have picked becomes your host identity and part of your Uniform Resource Locator URL. That is why a long name may not be appropriate unless it is crucial.

Create "Outside the Box" Domain Names

You may find that, the generic TLD name you have chosen, especially if it has a dot-com extension, has been taken. Most single word .com names i.e., etc. are not available. Even the most obvious domain names have already been taken. In such instances, the best thing to do is to create a domain name that would suit your needs. Relax and take your time. You can coil words or explore your mind and see how many possibilities you can come up with. Write these down. Use online tools to help you.

Be creative and "think outside the box" or buy an existing domain name if you have the resources. Choose a unique domain name which stands out in the crowd. This name will help your online store to get noticed. Never ever use domain names that are similar to domain names of popular online stores thinking you will win their customers. When these prospects land onto your website and they find that you have misled them to the wrong site, they may leave negative comments on your website, pass word around using social media sites or tell it all to those who care to listen through word-of-mouth. Create positive impressions on your targeted audience by choosing a unique domain name that will lead to a unique website that has the potential of earning you long-term profits.
If you still cannot create a worthwhile name you can-:

• Purchase a domain name from an online auction sites
• Buy an alternate domain name to the one you wanted
• Use other available extensions, .org or country-code ccTLDs. These are also gaining popularity and with thousands of domain names being registered every day, you can be sure they will not be available some day.

Other top-level-domain TLDs include .biz, .co, .info, .name, .tv, .mobi, .in, .us, .me among other choices.
Some of the ICANN accredited domain name registrars include Namecheap, network solutions, GoDaddy and 1&1. You can also register through a Web hosting provider.
Other Guidelines to Help You Achieve Success
After ascertaining that your domain name is the most suitable representation of your business, you need to search for a hosting provider. But, you need to know what to look for in a hosting provider.

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