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Omnis Network Reviews

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Omnis Network is a hosting service provider and a domain registrar which has registered over 400,000 domains. Today, Omnis is one of the companies that provide Cloud Web hosting allocating resources according to the demand of the user. The company provides a one-plan-fits-all packages one plan for Linux Hosting and one plan for Windows Hosting. Although Omnis does not provide introductory discounts, their features are quite attractive and sufficient for small and medium-sized business requirements.

Omnis Network Reviews

Main Features

• Free Domain Name
• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• Unlimited Disk Space
• Unlimited MySQL Databases
• Linux Hosting $5.95
• Windows Hosting $7.95
• FTP Access
• Unlimited Email Accounts, Unlimited Domains and Sub-Domains
• 24/7 U.S-based Support
• 30 day Money Back Guarantee (with no hidden charges)

Editors/experts rate Omnis Network highly.


Omnis provides SSL Secure Sockets Layer Certificates and Dedicated IP at extra fees. The 30 money back guarantee is available but customers should be aware that before they get their money any fee which is due from the account is deducted from the refund. The $100 free Adwords and Yahoo credits are an advantage to those starting out.


Omnis is a reliable web host that promises 99.9% uptime and this has been proved to be true. The servers are reliable working at optimal levels.
The only problem that may arise is with daily back-ups of data which are not available. When clients lose their data there are no updated back-ups and the client may need to update the files on his own. This can be stressful especially if a lot of data is lost. Although they save the system back-ups of their customers’ data, Omnis charges a fee of $100 to retrieve the files which may not go well with users.


The speed of the servers is impressive. They are fast and efficient having Tier 1 fiber optic connections.


The client has to pay additional fee if SSL certificate or dedicated hosting is required. This makes their price a bit on the higher side compared to similar web hosts pricing but it is worth the superior service.


The whole technical support team is based in California. This is a team of well-trained service professionals who have a track record of experience in this field. They are client-focused and fluent English-speakers so there is no language barrier. The response time on the chat and email is excellent and hold times on phone calls is minimal.

Omnis Control Panel

Omnis have their own simplified control panel which is fully functional and easy to master even for beginners. But some clients may find the design complicated if they are used to the cPanel control Panel.


What puts Omnis Network ahead of their competitors is the efficiency and speed of their servers which makes them quite reliable. Their service is high quality based on this fact and is therefore a good platform for e-Commerce hosting ($11.95).

Fortune 3 Ecommerce Review

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Fortune3 which is based in Doral, Florida is an E-commerce solution which has been in the market since 2001. This hosted shopping cart solution has over 400 free templates and a choice of fonts, logo designs, and buttons. It has one of the longest free trial periods (with no credit card) that enable first time users to get familiar with the system before purchasing. Users are able to download the Fortune3 ecommerce software directly on their PCs. All packages come with unlimited bandwidth.

fortune3 Hosting Reviews

A 1% transaction fee is charged on all packages except the unlimited package.

E-commerce Features

Pros: You are able to run software on your PC. This enables you to create your online store and upload it on the web server directly. Fortune3 features are user-friendly and easy to manage. There are 1000s of features which include inventory tools, a live chat and a newsletter. This is a great ecommerce solution for websites which have multiple categories and products.

Cons: Security is vital for every e-Commerce business. Lack of fraud protection at Fortune3 needs to be addressed since e-Commerce transactions are prone to theft and manipulation. Some users say that Fortune3 has hidden fees making it expensive on the overall. Another thing is that you cannot alter some elements of Fortune3 storefront designs from the admin panel but this can only be done from your PC making customization limited.

Marketing Features

Pros: The Fortune3 Wizard helps you to configure your online store and this is a great advantage because it simplifies the whole process of setting up and managing the store. You will be able to setup all the web pages and ensure everything is okay then you start selling right away. Fortune3 has one of the best mobile marketing systems in the market. The online store comes with mCommerce interface and you will also have access to Mobile Apps to help you manage your business on-the-go.

Cons: Fortune3 marketing options are complex and the display of products can be confusing and expensive for those with small stores. Their interface is difficult to use especially for first time users. The ecommerce software does not have email alerts for abandoned carts which remind the customer to complete the purchase. They also do not have a loyalty program or special offers.


Prices range from the cheapest to the most expensive. All packages have unlimited bandwidth and also attract an additional 1% transaction fee based on sales (except the unlimited plan).

• Basic at $ 24.95/month-no setup fee, allows selling of 50 products
• Silver at $ 39.95/mo-allows you to sell 250 products
• Gold at $ 69.96/mo-you can sell 1,000 products
• Diamond at $ 99.95/mo-$ 50 setup fee
• Infinity at $ 159.95/mo-$ 50 setup fee, sell unlimited products
• Unlimited at $ 899.95/mo-$ 50 setup fee, sell unlimited products, no transaction fees

Corporations which require more than what is offered in the above packages are offered the Enterprise package. Fortune3 packages are suitable for those selling over 100 products. If you are selling less than that, it is better to look elsewhere for less expensive offers which are available.

Customer Support

Customer service at Fortune3 is excellent. You can access customer support 24/7/365 on phone, mail, and live chat. There is a knowledge center, user manuals, video tutorials, a company forum and a blog all of which have proven to be helpful. The FAQ section has answers to most of the questions you may have.

We hope Fortune3 will have customer loyalty programs, product comparison pages and address the 1% transaction fee.

3DCart Ecommerce Review

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Finding the right ecommerce solution can be a daunting task if you plan to do the research yourself. This editor review will help you choose the best ecommerce software products or services based on this 3DCart e-Commerce platform review. It will help you narrow down your choices.

3dcart hosting Reviews

3DCart is an e-Commerce shopping cart solution that has been in the market for over 10 years. It is quite powerful and easy to use and is PCI compliant.

3DCart Main Features

3DCart is a hosted ecommerce app with some intriguing features. They have over 50 free templates and over 60 premium templates which you can buy at a price of $ 199. They make editing the templates quite easy although it’s not possible to change some details. You can Tweet and access Facebook from the admin page of your store.

However, this ecommerce solution lacks some of the features that are found in other advanced products and therefore it is suitable for users who are not very concerned about designs, customization and adding more functionality. The application does not have a built-in POS System and you cannot process credit cards directly. Fortunately, it is compatible with over 50 payment gateways that process the credit card payments and this compensates the lack of in-house credit card processing functionality.

Easy to Use

The 3DCart interface is user-friendly and the admin panel is easy to use especially if you need just a basic store without customization. You will be able to create a website with their drag-and-drop capability as well as run your store with ease using their step-by-step Wizard. 3DCart has tools that you will find useful and setting the product pages is quite easy.


Their pricing is great and all packages come with free setup and 24/7 phone support. The prices for their business plans are reasonable ranging between $ 19.99 to $ 129.99/month. If you pay annually you will be entitled to receive a discount. However, there are many limitations associated with the cheaper plans like Quickbooks integration which is only available on the expensive plans or at an additional fee. Yet some users complain that this integration does not work smoothly and one has to do certain things manually. Some add-ons are expensive although they are offered free elsewhere.

The company offers free shared SSL and users can upgrade to paid ones if they wish. They provides all the options so you can choose what you want.

Customer Support

3DCart has a knowledge center which you can visit to get information about setting up and managing your store.
There is 24/7 phone support and response on the ticketing system is quite fast. The management is active in resolving issues.
Customer support is crucial when launching any online business and lack of proper support can be quite frustrating. There are customers who say they have had bad experiences with 3DCart customer support. Some say the response time is slow and not the 30 minutes they claim.

Review of the best Open Source online e-commerce applications

Review of the best Open Source online e-commerce applications - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote
(1 Reviews, 5.00 out of 5 Stars)
Review of the best Open Source online e-commerce applications5.00 out of 50 based on 1 voters.

If you are looking for the best way of creating a budget-friendly online store, then Open Source online e-commerce applications are the best option. With an online community network working on modifications to improve the open source software designs and functionality, you are sure to get something that is in line with your needs and requirements.

What is a Shopping Cart?

A shopping cart is a type of software that enables you to create a website easily so you can start selling right away. You will not only be able to create your online store, you will also be able to display the items you are selling on your storefront where customers can view and add them to the cart for purchase. You will receive payments through payment processors like PayPal or debit/credit cards, checks or other electronic payment methods.

Magento (Community Edition is free)

Magento is the fastest growing open source ecommerce platform in the world and it uses the most recent technologies available on the Web. It has a wide range of features, supports multi-language and multi-stores type of retailing. It allows more control and flexibility over the content, structure and capability of the online store. It has more add-ons and extensions than other e-commerce platforms in the market and this improves efficiency of this ecommerce application.

It is great for websites that receive large flow of traffic and many transactions. However, the site requires proper development and management or a developer who knows Magento well in order to be able to tap its potential.
MMagento is supported by a broad support network that has developed an intuitive admin interface. If you need the Enterprise Edition you will pay for it.


osCommerce is a free, extremely popular and widely used open source shopping cart application that is powerful and among the oldest. It is easy to use and run, so it appeals to many users. It is rich in features which are configured and enabled without hassles. The functions and features are automatically enabled so you can start using the software immediately after downloading it. Installing osCommerce is easy and straight-forward especially since the pre-designed templates can be customized.

You will be able to add any number of physical or digital products or categories without limitation, set prices, discounts, special offers and promotions. You can link the products on display to sections of the store that have similar products. However, the downside is that, your store will be similar to many others and if you want an outstanding store you will have to pay for the add-ons. osCommerce enables you to accept payments from various sources i.e. PayPal, 2Check-out, credit/debit cards, checks etc. The built-in tax and shipping capability calculates charges accordingly.

Cube Cart

Cube Cart is a powerful shopping cart solution which can be free or paid. If you need a professionally-looking site this is a great choice. You can use it to setup your ecommerce website as long as the hosting company supports PHP and MySQL. To set up the software, you need to be tech savvy and be able to understand PHP, MySQL and GD. You can easily download this software and integrate it onto any type of site. Cube Cart looks quite professional when viewed by the customer which makes it appealing. You can also connect your site to several payment gateways using Cube Cart. The control panel is easy to use. However, configuring it to the server is difficult for some users.


ZenCart is a free and straight-forward PHP/MySQL open source platform that is being developed by a team of experienced designers, programmers, consultants and store owners who are like-minded with in-depth knowledge of e-commerce needs and requirements. It is easy to install, configure and navigate even for those with no programming knowledge. All you need to do is download the software and start using it.
This is the best solution for users who want to customize their online store without hassles since the ZenCart interface is easy to navigate and it comes with the basic as well as advanced features and several add-ons. The only downside is that there are too many add-ons which make it cluttered. Furthermore, if you are not willing to spend time and money customizing it, then look elsewhere.


Prestashop is a free and powerful open source shopping cart solution that enables you to manage every aspect of your business in real time i.e. meeting orders, inventory control, customers, shipping etc. This open source platform is easy to use and straight-forward especially if you don’t require a lot of functionality. You can have your online shop within minutes and you can modify the tools to match your requirements at no fee. There may be no cost incurred in setting up your online store or the cost may be minimal which usually involves your development time. Prestashop has a growing network of users that modifies it regularly to make it better.


This PHP/MySQL open source shopping cart solution is powerful and user-friendly. It looks simple but is rich in features enabling users to sell unlimited products and setup unlimited categories. You will be able to use multi-languages, multi-currencies and make a choice among multiple payment and shipping methods. Reviewing the products and buying them is simplified for customers and it is straight-forward.

OpenCart helps your site rise in Google rankings with its search-engine-friendly capability and your customers can rate and review the products/services you sell.

Open Source may not be as popular as osCommerce but it is also a popular shopping cart system although help may not be as forthcoming like with other systems.


This open source platform is quite flexible. You can easily expand its functionality making it appealing to users. The rich features enable you to almost search for anything that you want which helps you locate the data easily. The shopping cart on the storefront and the administrative panel load fast making AbanteCart convenient.


This shopping cart application makes it possible for you to integrate your online store into any existing site which you may already have. This is very convenient because you can launch your e-business right away using Avactis tools. This is possible whether the company is selling physical goods such as footwear, clothes, gadgets, appliances, books etc, or virtual goods i.e. downloadable software, e-books, music, gaming videos or other digital goods.


This is a Joomla shopping cart that was known as php-Shop previously. It is known as a Joomla CMS component although it’s an independent open source shopping cart solution which can be installed with the Joomla hosting packages. The shopping cart is neat and appealing to most customers who are able to create accounts, add their addresses and view their previous orders. Virtuemart supports multi-languages, multi-products, unlimited products and categories. It can be used successfully in PHP and MySQL environments.


Other open source apps include CS-Cart, Ubercart, Afcommece, Satchmo, Store Sprite, Digistore, TomatoCart, Freeway, Spree Commerce and Substruct among many others.

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