1. Registering Your Domain Name

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The first thing you need to do to get your business online is to register a domain name. Not all online businesses have a domain name but this is important in branding your business.

What is a domain name

A domain nameis also known as a Web address or Uniform Resource Locator URL. You cannot operate an online business successfully without an identity. A domain name is your business identity and this is what will identify it from other businesses. It is your online brand name which your customers will associate with.There are many domain names which are available and you will need to search if the one you prefer is available. If the domain name you have chosen is not available you need to be creative to come up with a unique domain name which will not be confused with those of other companies.

How to Choose a Domain Name

The best domain name is short and simple so it is easy to spell, pronounce and remember. If the domain name is long or complicated it will be hard for your customers to type and remember it.People are attracted to something they can easily remember and find, as they surf the internet. The domain name has to be meaningful so customers can identify it and remember how to get to your website. This will also help them know what your business is about.

A domain name consists of the unique domain name you have chosen and the domain extension or top level domain TLD which follows the URL. The most commonly used TLDs include .com, .biz and .net for businesses, .info for information and .org for non-profit organizations. You can register your domain name with different extensions in order to protect it. There are many other domain name extensions such as .mobi used for mobile device businesses, .int for international organizations, .edu, .co, .tel among other choices depending on the type of business. There are TLDs which are used for countries and regions such as .us, .uk, for businesses which operate within those boundaries.

Domain names are registered by registrars and stored in registries. Some of the popular domain registrars include-:

• Go Daddy (
• (

Go Daddy is the world-leader in the domain name registration industry. It has registered the largest number of domain names in the world. So far, it has handled over 53M domain name registrations for over 10M customers.eNOM is one of the fastest growing domain registrars today, having registered the second largest number of domain names from Go Daddy. Network Solutions was the first domain name registrar and a pioneer in this industry. It offers registration solutions to its customers.

Prices of registration vary, with some web hosting providers offering free-domain name registration for customers who host their websites with them. There are web hosting providers who provide multiple domain names in one hosting account saving money for customers. If you intend to register multiple domain names you can save money by operating them from one hosting account.You can associate your e-mail address with the domain name for identity and ease of reference.

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