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Building your e-commerce Website with a fully functional shopping cart from scratch can be challenging if you have no website expertise or experience. Fortunately, there are experts who are available, who can help you create an outstanding website which will attract a large flow of traffic to the storefront. There are also pre-designed templates, online tutorials and step-by-step guidelines which you can follow to create a website on your own. There are easy to use shopping cart software programs which are readily available.

A website consists of a Homepage with hyperlinks to other about, content, contacts etc. web pages. You should build an outstanding Homepage with quality photographs, graphics and web designs but this alone is not enough. You need to sell quality products or services coupled with the best customer service and support so you can retain customers and increase sales.

To create your site and the Web pages, you have many options.


Business owners who have Web expertise are lucky because they can use their knowledge to create their Web pages if they have the necessary developmental tools to do this. The best thing about DIY is that, you are not limited by templates. Not only will you create a site you are passionate about, you are also flexible to include designs, photographs and content which you intend to use to win the attention of your targeted audience. Although creating a website is a difficult task, it is very rewarding.
You can do-it-yourself if you have the interest and the time to do it. The internet has all the resources you need to build a Web site. There are numerous Website software programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage and others. They come loaded with all the features that you require to help you design and develop a site. You can search the internet for other software programs which you can use depending on your business needs, to build your Website from scratch.

Web Store Builders

You can buy web store builders to create your e-commerce Website although there are web hosting providers who offer in-built web builders in their hosting solutions. The web store builders will help you create a Website using readily available pre-designed templates which you can customize to your business needs by using web interface or web design software that provides the features you require. You will be able to build a Website quickly using these resources which are straight-forward and easy-to-use, even if you have no Web expertise.
Some of the web store builders have a wide range of online store management tools which will make it easy for you to get started. These solutions include a shopping cart, web hosting services, inventory control, supply chain management, online payment processing, customer relationship management, e-mail management and traffic analytics among others. Purchase a hosting solution which has an easy-to-use control panel and customize your site as you wish.

Hire a Professional

An e-commerce website is like a retail store. The storefront has to attract potential customers so they can stop-over and browse what you are offering for sale. To create an attractive storefront which will attract customers and to connect your Website to receive or process online payments, you might need to hire a professional designer/developer. These have the expertise and the experience of creating professionally-looking sites which will pull the target audience to the site. The professionals know what customers search for and they can help with search engine optimization and link-building. A professionally-looking Website is a great advantage for any online business but you need to publish it so it is available on the World Wide Web.

Maintaining your website is vital to keeping up with your customers’ goals. You need to update the website daily so it looks good all the time in order to keep the flow of traffic that is visiting the site, coming back over and over again. You can allocate staff particularly for this task and ensure that products, prices, product descriptions and contents are updated regularly. You cannot build a site and assume it will bring sales. You should work at it and use it as a tool for selling your products. That is why it needs to be maintained regularly just the same way a retail store needs to be arranged and organized to attract customers and motivate them to buy.

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